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Cailleux, Théophile (1816-1890) Belgian lawyer
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Copy letter from J. G. Frazer to R. R. Marett

No. 1 Brick Court, Temple, E.C. Dated 24 August, 1917 - There is a good prospect to send [John] Roscoe out for a year among the Central African tribes, as the money has been donated, the Bishop has consented, but Secretary Long thinks they should wait until the end of the war, which Frazer deplores, and has written to Lord Bryce about; 'Folk-Lore in the Old Testament' is at the printers, received a MS from Colonel Gurdon about the hill tribes of Assam which he hopes to publish; trusts they have escaped submarines on their passages back and forth to Jersey; wonders if he could make out a case for Jersey being Ithaca, as a Frenchman [Théophile Cailleux?] a few years ago thought he discovered Troy on the top of the Gog Magog hills near Cambridge.