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HOUG/BO/2 · File · [1813 or later]-1856
Part of Papers of Richard Monckton Milnes, Lord Houghton

Letters from: Caroline, Countess d'Andreis; George Davison Bland; Thomas Davison Bland; Edward Cheney; John Craufurd; Rev. William C. Fenton; Mary Gaskell, née Brandreth; his sister Caroline Milnes; his wife Hon. Henrietta Maria Milnes; his mother Rachael Milnes; his brother Richard Rodes Milnes; his nephew and son-in-law George Edward Arundell Monckton-Arundell, 6th Viscount Galway; his daughter Henrietta Eliza Monckton-Arundell, Viscountess Galway; William Moorhouse; his cousin John Thornton; his brother-in-law Marmaduke Wyvill; his nephew Richard Rodes Wyvill.

HOUG/BO/2/7 · Item · 23 Apr. 1840
Part of Papers of Richard Monckton Milnes, Lord Houghton

St. Saviour's Road, St. Helier, Jersey. - 'Letters cost nothing nowadays', so he will write and let Milnes know how they have been since they left England. Mrs Fenton is much better; he bought her a New Forest pony and now she 'never rides less then 12 or 14 miles a day'; the children also 'grow fat' and do very well. St Helier's is 'the most beautiful place I ever saw'; housing is dear, but 'Every Article of Food is 30 per cent cheaper than in England except Bread'. Does not understand this, as he is sure more corn has been brought to the island since he came there than would be needed for everyone on it for a year; has 'no doubt a great deal of it, finds its way into England as Jersey Meal - which is exported for Seed to England'. Discusses the price of meat and wine, and the nature of the farming land. Attendance at church on Sunday 'set[s] us an example'.

Hopes Milnes' wife is better. His 'duty' may be done in four Sundays, and then he will return. Worth coming here if Milnes wants an 'excursion'; the Malanta [? - ship] from Southampton is 'like your own drawing Room, and a passage only of 10 or 11 hours'.