Inscriptions from alba amicorum

Inventory list
Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
f. 4r Painted coat of arms, labelled ‘Wolff Philipp von Andlau’ Part 17th c.
f. 7r Inscription by Johann Wilhelm Baier the elder Part 11 May 1691
f. 8r Inscriptions by (i) Johann David Baier, May 1710, and (ii) Sebastian Edzard, 20 Aug. 1711 Part May 1710
f. 9r Inscription by Johann Heinrich Barth Part 26 June 1708
f. 12r Inscription by Johann Bellin Part 1 June 1655
f. 24r Inscription by Jacob Bukky, ‘Dantisc[ensis]’ Part 27 Oct. 1713
f. 26r Inscription by Abraham Calov Part 1 Mar. 1670
f. 31r Inscription by Martin Chladni Part May 1711
f. 32r Inscription by Henricus Cocceius Part 10 June 1711
f. 36r Inscription by Johann Andreas Danz Part 29 May 1710
f. 38r Inscription by Johann Michael Dilherr Part 16 Apr. 1667
f. 39r Inscription by Johann Konrad Dippel Part 12 Oct. 1711.
f. 41r Inscriptions by (i) Emich, (ii) Franz Christoph, and (iii) Wilhelm Wirich, Counts of Falkenstein Part 1620
f. 43r Inscription by Justus Feuerborn Part 14 Sept. 1653
f. 47r Inscription by Johann Anastasius Freylinghausen Part 19 Apr. 1717
f. 51r Inscription by Jacob Furman Part 20 June 1593
f. 52r Inscription by Martin Geier Part 27 July 1668
f. 59r Inscription by Johann Reinhard III, Count of Hanau-Lichtenberg Part 1680 x 1736
f. 71r Inscription by Caspar Jacob Huth Part 4 Sept. 1741
f. 72r Inscription by François Jacquet Part 6 Dec. 1632
f. 73r Inscription by Johann Wilhelm Jahn Part 20 Mar. 1716
f. 75r Inscription by Johann Georg Joch Part 6 Sept. 1708
f. 76r Inscriptions by (i) Thomas Ittig, 9 Dec. 1709, and (ii) Johann Cyprian, 10 Dec. 1709 Part 9 Dec. 1709
f. 80r Inscription by Hieronymus Kronmayer Part 1 Apr. 1670
f. 81r Inscription by Johann Joachim Lange Part Oct. 1740
f. 82r Inscription by Valentin Ernst Löscher Part Aug. 1741
f. 86r Inscription by Polycarp Caspar Leyser Part 1 Mar. 1670
f. 87r Inscription by Polycarp Leyser the elder Part 6 June 1593
f. 91r Inscription by Bernhard Walther Marperger Part 31 July 1741
f. 92r Inscription by Gerhard von Mastricht Part 28 Aug. 1711