Lectures and publications

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Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2 Part of a series of lectures on psychology, the first three of the series were apparently lent to [G H] Hardy but never returned File 1912–13
5 Lectures on the elements of philosophy File [1923]
6 Note by Broad File 27 Jan 1953
17 Lectures on Lotze File [1925]
20 Lectures on Hegel File [1927]
32 Typescript on instinct File n.d.
34 "Hume's doctrine of the self" File n.d.
35 "Hume's theory of belief" File n.d.
45 "Recent criticisms of Moore's ethical theories" File post 1942
51 "Examination of McT vol I pp (141-146)" File n.d.
56 Seminar on self and ego File 5 Nov 1953
61 "The Philosophy of F H Bradley" File 2 Jun 1955
62 "The Historical development of scientific thought (from Pythagoras to Newton)" File 20 Jun 1957
64 "Some questions to Berkeley" File 27 Oct 1959
74 "What is Philosophy" File 21 Mar 1971
76 "Statistical reasoning" File n.d.
81 Typescript of the foreword to the 1970 edition of Bertrand Russell and Trinity College with notes and correspondence File 1967–70
4 Lectures on Spinoza File [1923]
21 Lectures on F H Bradley's Appearance and Reality with a typescript File [1927]
25 Manuscript of a course of lectures on Leibniz together with a typescript prepared by Casimir Lewy dated 1974 and published as Leibniz, An introduction () File 1948–1950, 1974
29 Symposium on indeterminacy and indeterminism - "Remarks made at Aristotelian Joint Sessions" File 1931
33 "The elements of statistical theory" with notes on 'The Theory of statistics' by Yule and Kendal and 'Statistical analysis in biology' by Mather File post 1934
37 "The Notion of an 'Optimific Act'" File n.d.
40 "Notes on causation" File n.d.
41 "The Logical analysis of change" File n.d.
42 "Judging and choosing" File n.d.
49 "Berkeley's theory of morals" File n.d.
52 "Self and others" - the Herbert Spencer Lecture, 2 copies with a letter from T S Gray File 1953–70
58 Seminar on a person's knowledge of other minds File 19 Nov 1953
69 "Obligations, ultimate and derived" File 1962