William Whewell: letters and notes relating to The elements of morality, including polity Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
20 Letter from Edward Everett Item 14 Dec. 1844
25 Letter from Henry John Hodgson with notes on the proof sheets Item 11 Oct. 1844
28-29 Notes in William Whewell's hand Item [1845?]
30 Letter from three members of the Moral Philosophy Class Item [1845?]
32-33 Two drafts, "Cases of Conscience" Item 1847, [18--]
36-38 Drafts of writings related to The elements of morality Item [19th cent.]
18-19 Letter from William Empson with notes on the proof sheets Item [1845?]
27 Letter from Henry Reed Item 29 June 1846
15 Letter from Henry Hallam Item 30 Jan. 1846
17 Notes on the proof sheets by Thomas Flower Ellis Item [1845?]
21-24 Letter from John Thomas Graves with notes on the proof sheets Item 11-26 Mar. 1845
26 Letter from Richard Jones Item [19th cent.]
1-14 Letters from Robert Leslie Ellis with notes on the proof sheets Item 1848, [18--]
16 Notes headed "Publicum Jus" Item [19th cent.]
31 Notes to be added to a printed version, in Whewell's hand Item [c 1845]
34 Draft, "Mr J. Austin" Item 9 Jan. 1849
35 Drafts, "Astronomy & Religion, Dialogue I [and II]," "Science & Religion, Dialogue III" Item [19th cent.]
39 Notebook "E. Ammon, Schwarz, St Augustine, Coleridge: Reason and Understanding, Wicliff Tetralogies" Item [19th cent.]