Material relating to Psychical Research Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
6 Notebook on Psychical Research VI File n.d.
15 Correspondence concerning an attempt to reconstruct an experiment by [ ] Varley on the fluctuations of electrical resistance in the body of a medium File 1964–65
19 Four typescripts of a paper on poltergeists, with a photocopy of a chapter from a book by [ ] Sinclair on the phenomenon and correspondence with Sokarens Forlag regarding its publication () File c 1970
2 Correspondence and papers relating to the SPR (1 bundle) File 1957–69
1 Publications and notes on aspects of Psychical Research Class 1932–70
2 Notebook on Psychical Research II File n.d.
3 Notebook on Psychical Research III File n.d.
7 Notebook on Psychical Research VII File n.d.
10 Notebooks on dreams File 1932, 53
13 Bundle containing manuscripts and typescripts of publications by CDB on psychical research File 1947–66
17 Material relating to the unpublished article "The Life, work and death of Edmund Gurney" including 3 typescripts, notes on Gurney's papers on hypnotism and Tertium Quid, The Silences of Mr Trevor Hall by Fraser Nichol, "Mr Blackburn's 'confession'" by Alice Johnson and correspondence with Chris Stephenson, Fraser Nichol and others (1 bundle) File 1966–70
20 Paper on the life and work of F W H Myers File c1970
2 The Society for Psychical Research: Official Business Class 1945–71
3 SPR Council Minutes and some papers for meetings File 1964–71
1 Notebook on Psychical Research I File n.d.
11 Notes on the founders of Society for Psychical Research taken mostly from the Dictionary of National Biography File n.d.
12 Brief notes on the Society for Psychical Research and Trinity College File n.d.
4 Notebook on Psychical Research IV File n.d.
5 Notebook on Psychical Research V File n.d.
8 Notebook on Psychical Research VIII File n.d.
9 Notes on card guessing sent to Broad by Seville M. White File 1950-1951
14 Manuscript and typescript of "Crookes and Cooks" File c1964
16 Material relating to the introduction to Swan on a Black Sea, a volume edited by Signe Toksvig devoted to the work of Stella Coombe-Tennant as a medium, including a typescript of the introduction with corrigenda, notes and synopses of the cross-correspondence included, correspondence with Henry and Alexander Coombe-Tennant, Signe Toksvig, Mollie Goldney and Routledge and Kegan Paul (1 bundle) File 1964–67
18 Correspondence with and papers of J E Littlewood concerning probability and Card-guessing experiments File 1968–70
1 Correspondence and papers relating to the SPR (1 bundle) File 1945–70
3 A E Housman and Psychical Research Class May 1959