Miscellanea Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
6-7 Copies of obituaries of William Hepworth Thompson by E. W. Benson and H. Goodwin in Macmillan's Magazine Item [1980?]
8 Card from G. L. Strachey to A. J. Robertson Item 1901, [19--]
41 Letter from T. C. Nicholas to J. P. W. Gaskell Item 27 Feb. 1980
50 Letter from H. J. Paton to C. D. Broad Item 13 Mar. 1953
51 Christopher Richard Preston journal and account book Item [1806?]-1817
62-69 Copies of letters from Anthony and Martha Scattergood and from William Uvedall to Scattergood and Wharton family members Item [1980]
4-5 Lists of correspondence between Dawson Turner and James Sowerby at Trinity College Library and the British Museum (Natural History) compiled by R. J. Cleevely Item 1976, 1979
9 J. Y. Rowe, annotated article "Descendants of Thorvaldr or Turold on the Bayeux Tapestry of Special Canadian Interest" in Families Item 1979
32 Copies of "Cambridge Portraits II [-IV]" by J. W. Goodison in The Connoisseur Item [1979]
40 Friends in pencil; a Cambridge sketch book by H. G. Jones Item 1893
44 Letter from G. M. Trevelyan to Eve McQuaid Item 4 May 1943
45-48 J. R. M. Butler correspondence relating to the Lectureship in Moral Sciences and Bertrand Russell Item June 7-12 1933
52 Copy of a letter from Charles, Prince of Wales to A. E. L. Prior Item 14 July 1980
53-61 Copies of letters from J. W. Dunning to his father J. Dunning Item [1980]
1 John Saltmarsh, "The Fields of Grantchester" Item [c 1960]
27 Letter from R. Bentley to [John Evelyn] Item 27 Mar. 1693
34-39 Copies of essays by Bertrand Russell written while reading for the Moral Sciences Tripos Item [1980]
43 Letter from G. M. Trevelyan to J. H. Elliott Item 11 Mar. 1957
49 Letter from Bertrand Russell to J. E. Littlewood Item 17 Nov. 1920
2-3 List of Dawson Turner items for sale, and a transcript of a letter to J. Sainsbury Item June 1979
10-25 Copies of correspondence between H. Weyl and Sir Arthur S. Eddington, A. B. Ramsay, and A. V. Douglas Item [1979]
26 Letter from C. Kemble to George Peacock Item 10 Feb. 1827
30-31 Copies of letters between J. R. G. Bradfield and C. R. Peter and a memorial address by Sir A. B. Pippard about O. R. Frisch Item Oct., [Nov.] 1979
42 Letter from A. D. Ritchie to C. D. Broad Item 25 July [1952?]
33 Letter from William Whewell to Sir Denis Le Marchant Item 6 Mar. 1845