Inventory list
Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2 Edmund Gosse: notes on the life of Sir Walter Raleigh Item Aug.-Dec. 1885
7-16 Letters to J. R. M. Butler Item 1914-41
17 Letter from Phoebe Yule to Jessie Stewart Item 14 Apr. 1946
20-21 Letters from Henry Jackson to Anne Thackeray Ritchie Item 3, 12 June 1909
24 Henry Bruce Armstrong: reminiscences of life as a Trinity College undergraduate Item [1940]
40 Letter from Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, to Lord Butler Item 26 Jan. 1977
82 Letter from Ina Kitson Clark to C. D. Broad Item 15 Feb. 1939
83 Photograph of Robert Smythson's plan of Great Court, Trinity College, Cambridge Item 1978?
88 Photocopy of the short-title list of the Housman Library at St John's College, Oxford Item [1978?]
90 Draft of a lecture on J. E. Littlewood, by Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer Item 3 Jan. 1977
53-55 Letter from Ludwig Wittgenstein to Mary Cartwright with accompanying letters from Cartwright Item [Oct. 1932 or 1933], 1976
75-76 Salim Rashid: "William Whewell and early mathematical economics" and "The growth of economic studies at Cambridge: 1776-1860" Item [c 1979]
78 Note from J. G. Frazer to A. E. Housman Item c. 1930?
79 Richard Gilbertson: "Chinese tiles in the Old Guest Room at Trinity" Item 21 Oct. 1977
84-87 Letters from J. G. Frazer Item 1921-7
89 Photocopy of a paper entitled 'Ramanujan's unpublished work on congruences', by R. A. Rankin Item 1977?
19 Extract from a projected life of M. R. James, by R. W. Pfaff Item 1977?
25-39 Hugh J. A. Bird: papers relating to admission to Trinity College, Cambridge Item 1935-1936
58-70 Letters from G. M. Trevelyan Item 1910-1945
80-81 Order of service for John McTaggart's funeral and letter from J. S. Mackenzie to C. D. Broad about McTaggart Item 1925, 1933
18 Draft of lecture entitled 'Aeronautics before 1920', by G. I. Taylor Item Oct. 1971
22-23 Horace A. Jackson: two dinner menus for Trinity College, Cambridge societies Item 4, 7 Mar. 1907
41 Photostat of verses by A. J. Munby written for the Gurgoyle Club Item Feb. 1977
42 Photocopy of the entry for Arthur W. St C. Tisdall in Creagh, The V.C. and D.S.O. Item [Feb. 1977]
43-52 Letters to Sydney Holland, 2nd Viscount Knutsford Item 1906-24
57 Letter from G. O. Trevelyan to le comte Politi Flamini Item 24 Dec. 1884
71-74 Letters from J. G. Frazer to J. D. Anderson Item 1909-14
77 Letter from A. E. Housman to A. S. F. Gow Item 5 Nov. 1925
91 Photocopy of a summary catalogue of the Housman Library at St John's College, Oxford, compiled by Paul Naiditch Item 1979?
92 Summary guide to papers in Adv. b.20, c.20, and d.20, compiled by Paul Naiditch Item 1978