Miscellaneous material, mostly in the hand of R. C. Trevelyan Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2 Draft letter from R. C. Trevelyan to [Jean Marchand] Part [1920?]
4 Printed Christmas card "From Friend to Friend Across the Sea" Part No date
13 Translation of the "Hymn of the Soul" Part [1941?]
1 Card with titles of eight "Small lyric pieces for pianoforte", composed by Julius Röntgen for the marriage of Robert and Elizabeth Trevelyan Part 7 June 1900
7 Draft satirical poem, "Honest John", about John Morley and "Charlie" Hammond; limerick. Part [1890s?]
9 Gossip and verses about Mr [Barwell?] Ewins Bennett Part 1800s?
10 Draft letter from R. C. Trevelyan to Lily [Gresford Jones] Part 15 Sept 1942
11 Newspaper cutting: "Marriage of Mr. Robert Calverley Trevelyan" Part 16 June 1900
12 List of names, dated 'Christmas 1950' Part Dec 1950?
6 Draft poem, "I am wakened by the rooks cawing" Part No date
3 Incomplete letter from [R. C. Trevelyan] to [Julian Trevelyan] Part [2 Dec 1936]
5 Draft poem, "Πάντα κόνις" about the wreck of the Titanic; another draft poem. Part 2 Apr 1912
8 Copy of war report by Geoffrey [Winthrop] Young, "Conquest by Murder" Part 4 Sept 1914?
14 Verses by R. C. Trevelyan as a child, on the death of Hector Part 15 Mar 1881