Miscellaneous Printed Material Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
8 Publisher's advertisement for 'Mensch, God en Onsterfelijkheid' Item 1929
10 Article, 'L'Organisme social' by Emile Corra, cut from 'La Revue positiviste internationale' Item 2 Sep. 1926
14 Corrected proof of 'Report of Gathering in the Old Combination Room, Trinity College, Cambridge, March 1st and 2nd, 1927, on the occasion of the Fifth Frazer Lecture delivered by Dr. R. R. Marett, March 2nd, 1927' Item Mar. 1927
15 Two copies of the corrected first proof of part of [? 'Christianity and the French Revolution' by A. Aulard, translated by Lady Frazer] Item Dec. 1926
1 Petitions for a Civil Pension for Lorimer Fison and after his death, his family Item [1905, 1908?]
3 Article, 'Religions orientales en Occident' by Frazer in 'Journal de Psychologie' Item 15 Nov. 1923
5 Review of 'Le Bouc Emissaire. Etude comparée d'histoire des Religions' by L. Cerfaux in 'La Revue des auteurs et des livres' Item Mar.-Apr. 1926
9 Programme, 'International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, Second Session, Copenhagen, 1938' Item 1938
16 Pamphlet, 'Concerning the Knight Bachelor' by William Bull Item 1927
6 Pamphlet, 'Fifty-fourth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology, 1936-1937' Item 1938
7 Pamphlet, 'The Understanding of Religion and the Sacred Language' by Ray Knight Item 1937
11 Unbound pages of part of the abridged 'Rameau d'or', translated by Lady Frazer Item [1923?]
12 Offprint of 'Souvent me Souvient. "Collars of SS"' from the 'Eagle' no. 139 by W. A. C. Item 1906
13 Offprint of 'The Nature of Magic' from nos. 3 & 4 of 'The Critic' by H. A. Reyburn Item 1938
2 Article, 'Cave-Worship' by R. R. Marett, cut from 'The Hibbert Journal' Item Apr. 1940
4 Pamphlet, 'Lycée Buffon. Discours prononcé a la distribution des prix le 12 juillet 1926 par M. Sayn' Item 1926