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1 Notes by C. D. Broad on The Origin of Consciouness, by C. A. Strong (1918) File c. 1918
5 "Notes on Philosophical Classics" including notes on works by Thomas Aquinas, Leibniz and Kant ( File n.d.
7 "Notes on Physics and Philosophy from Bruno to Descartes" File n.d.
8 "Notes on Mathematical Topics" containing a number of short notes and proofs File n.d.
10 Notes on the works of Francis Bacon File n.d.
13 Notes on Lotze from McTaggart's lectures File 1910
17 "Whitehead's Principles of Natural Knowledge [Philosophical Part]" File c1919
19 "From Chadwick's Dissertation" File n.d.
24 "Is the Self a Substance ? (Ian Gallie MIND No 177)" File n.d.
30 "[Gustave] Le Bon. Psychology of Crowds" File n.d.
34 "McTaggart. Nature of existence" File post 1921
36 "Mill's Representative Government" File n.d.
41 Typescript of "The General Theory of Notational Relativity" by H M Sheffer File 1921
46 Notebook on Logic File n.d.
47 Notes on 'Logic' vol II by W E Johnson File post 1922
50 Notebook titled "Notes on ethics II" File post 1933
52 "The Wisdom of Wisdom", notes on the philosophy of John Wisdom File post 1931
55 "Kant's arguments from 'Incongruent Counterparts'" File n.d.
62 "Abstract of Paton on the schemation of the categories" File n.d.
65 Notes on From Euclid to Eddington by E T Whitaker File c1949
77 "Goodhart: English Law and the Moral Law" File c1953
2 "CDB on the scale of sensation" File n.d.
4 Notes on Francis Bacon () File n.d.
6 Biographical notes on Henry Sidgwick arranged under a number of parallel headings File n.d.
12 Notes on probability File n.d.
15 "Yule's Theory of Statistics (I)" File c1911
21 "Kaplan on Logical Empiricism and Value Judgements" File n.d.
26 "Kant's Critique of Pure reason" File n.d.
27 "Rules for Directing the Understanding" File n.d.
29 "Trotter: Instinct of the Herd in War and Peace" File post 1916
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