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Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
5 "On Economic Quantities: homogeneousness and measurement" File pre 1928
13 "Moral real cost and utility" File pre 1928
16 "Utility" File pre 1928
18 "Money", with notes on Keynes and Cannan File pre 1928
19 "Bibliography" File pre 1928
21 "Ricardo and Marx's theory of value" Item pre 1928
26 "Improvements in agriculture", note on Petty Item pre 1928
28 "Fundamental symmetry" File pre 1928
31 "Long and short periods" File pre 1928
32 "Semi-monopoly" File pre 1928
33 "Varia", notes on prospective price, Cairnes I ch 2, Marshall's theorem of taxes and elasticity of demand, individual and market curves, Marshall on average cost and the supply curve File pre 1928
34 "Miglioramenti" File pre 1928
36 Notebook consisting of the drafts for "The Laws of returns under competitive conditions" Item pre 1926
39 "Imposta sul monopolio e teorema di Barone", with a letter from [Veri] File pre 1928
41 Notebook containing notes on Marshall's Industry and trade, Clapham Of empty economic boxes, Edgeworth La teoria pura del monopolio, Pigou Wealth and welfare and Marshall Economics of Industry Item pre 1928
46 Notes on the delineation of demand curves File pre 1928
47 Notes on Wicksteed Item pre 1928
51 Miscellaneous notes File pre 1928
52 Notebook entitled "Note illustrative su partite Segreteria al 31 dic 926" Item 1926
57 Notes on value and price of production made by Maurice Dobb Item c1928–31
58 "Salari" File c1928–31
60 "Definizione di salario netto" File c1928–31
62 "Varia", miscellaneous notes with a letter from Angelo Sraffa File c1928–31
63 "Rendita del consumatore" File c1928–31
65 Notes and related newscuttings on why the English working class is not revolutionary File 1921
66 "Law of satiable wants" File 1928–31
75 Notes by Sraffa on profits and the tendency of businesses to expand Item [1930–31]
83 Notes by Kahn and Sraffa entitled "Buckets in the well" and "Act 1, Scene I" on Keynes' 'Treatise on Money' File [1931]
84 "Mr Keynes' "Theory of Money"", typescript of a paper by Dennis Robertson Item [1931]
87 Draft letter from Sraffa to Joan Robinson on ['The Theory of Imperfect Competition'] Item [1931]
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