Papers of Piero Sraffa

Inventory list
Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
115 Typescript and proof of a note relating to pages 47 and 48 of the Italian edition with an amendment to page 42 to be incorporated in the edition of 1969 File [1969]
14 "Produzione congiunta di merci a mezzo di merci. Riposta a C F Manara" [unpublished article ?] File [1969]
4 Diary Item 1930–31
5 Diary Item 1931–32
6 Diary Item 1933–34
7 Diary Item 1934–35
8 Diary File 1935–36
14 Diary Item 1941–42
23 Diary File 1950–51
28 Diary Item 1955–56
29 Diary Item 1956–57
47 Diary Item 1974–75
49 Diary Item 1976–77
51 Diary Item 1980
53 Journal of a visit to Italy Item Sep-Oct 1945
1 File of articles and newscuttings on Gramsci with two copies of a typescript of Sraffa's letter to the 'Manchester Guardian' on Gramsci, a manuscript of the same and two photocopies of letters from Gramsci to Piero Sraffa File 1926–65
6 Dossier su 40o anniversario della scomposa di Antonio Gramsci by the Italian Communist Party File 1977
9 "Wittgenstein's lectures in 1930-33" by G E Moore from Mind [parts I and II only] File 1954
12 "Ludwig Wittgenstein, a biographical sketch" by G H von Wright from the Philosophical Review File 1955
15 Photocopy of articles on Ludwig Wittgenstein from la Repubblica sent to Piero Sraffa by Michael Nedo File 1977
19 Newscuttings on Mattioli File 1972–75
21 Commemoration of Mattioli by Riccardo Bacchelli File 1973
G Publications by others Class 1952–80
7 Typescripts of 'Value and Price' by Joan Robinson, and letters from Robinson File [1967–68] View
G9 Untitled article by Luciano Steve with notes by Sraffa and correspondence between Steve and Sraffa File 1970–71
13 Typescript of 'Values and prices of production: the political economy of the transformation problem' by David Laibman Item 1973
18 'Sraffa in the light of Marx' and 'Outputs, values and prices in joint-production' by Yoriaki Fujimori File 1977
21 'Sulla equazione della capitalizzazione di Walras' by Carlo Boffito Item 1979
3 Photocopy of the title page of Tomasso Campanella's 'De sensu rerum et magia' Item [1620]
9 Microfilm of 'The Interest of England considered in an essay on wool...' Item [1694]