Poems of the time of Charles II, Part I Inventory list

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pp. 16–28 ‘An Essay upon Satyr.’ By the Earl of Mulgrave (and John Dryden?). [1679.] Part
pp. 53–5 Verses. By John Milton? [1687.] Part
pp. 60–1 Verses. By John Ayloffe? [1672.] Part
pp. 61–5 ‘On The Lord Mayor & Court of Aldermen going to Whitehall, with The King, and Dukes Freedom.’ By Andrew Marvell? [1674.] Part
pp. 66–7 ‘On the K—.’ By the Earl of Rochester. [1673.] Part
pp. 82–91 ‘A Dialogue. Between the Two Horses at Charing Cross, and Wool Church.’ Author unknown. [1675 x 1676.] Part
pp. 92–5 ‘A Dialogue, Between K. and D.’ Author unknown. [1678.] Part
pp. 113–21 ‘A Discourse of Rebellion Given up and down in 1676.’ Author unknown. Part
pp. 156–8 ‘Cato’s Answer to Labienus, When he advis’d him to go and Consult the Oracle of Ju-piter Hammon.’ A translation of Lucan, Pharsalia, ix. 566–86. By John Ayloffe or Robert Wolseley? [1680s?] Part
pp. 166–7 ‘On the Lord Chancellor Hide. 1667.’ Author unknown. Part
pp. 190–1 ‘The Dispute.’ By the Earl of Rochester. 1673. Part
pp. 212–13 ‘The Parliament House To be Let.’ Author unknown. 1678. Part
pp. 213–15 ‘Advice to Apollo.’ Author unknown. 1678. Part
pp. 234–40 ‘Colon. A Satyr on the Court Ladies.’ By the Earl of Dorset. Part
pp. 240–3 ‘An Epistle To Julian.’ By Viscount Falkland. 1679. Part
pp. 249–51 ‘An Ironical Satir.’ Author unknown. [1680.] Part
pp. 259–64 ‘Satyr. On The Court Ladies.’ Author unknown. 1680. Part
pp. 291–3 ‘A Satyrical Sonnet.’ Author unknown. 1680. Part
pp. 302–7 Table of contents. Part
p. 320 Transcript of a letter from King Charles II to King Christian V of Denmark, 1 May 1680. Part
pp. 1–4 Speech by the Earl of Shaftesbury in the House of Lords, 2[5] Mar. 1679. Part
pp. 56–8 ‘The Royal Kiss, or, Prorogation.’ Author unknown. [1675.] Part
pp. 95–100 ‘Sir Edmund-Bury Godfrey’s Ghost.’ Author unknown. [1679.] Part
pp. 133–4 ‘A Letter Sent to Tom Killigrew of the Bed-Chamber.’ Author unknown. [c. 1680.] Part
pp. 144–8 ‘A Raree Show.’ By Stephen College. [1681.] Part
pp. 158–61 ‘A new Ballad.’ By William Wharton? [1683.] Part
pp. 161–5 ‘The Duel of the Crabl—.’ By Lord Buckhurst. [c. 1674.] Part
p. 175 ‘On Blood’s stealing The Crown.’ By Andrew Marvell? [1671.] Part
pp. 216–25 ‘The Fancy.’ Author unknown. 1679. Part
pp. 226–8 ‘The Time.’ Author unknown. 1679. Part
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