William Whewell: political economy and miscellaneous papers Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
7 Notes concerning Richard Jones Item [19th cent.]
8 Notes concerning John Ramsay McCulloch Item [19th cent.]
12 Draft, "Desiderata of political economy: law of supply and demand" by John Thomas Graves Item 9 Jan. 1849
16 Whewell's notes on books read Item [19th cent.]
20-21 Miscellaneous mathematics notes and problems Item [19th cent.]
14 List of papers made by Isaac Todhunter Item Mar. 1875
17a Miscellaneous notes on theology Item [19th cent.]
21a Letter from George Biddell Airy Part 27 July 1853
23 Miscellaneous mathematical problems Item [19th cent.]
24 Miscellaneous notes on botany Item [19th cent.]
1 List of papers relating to political economy made by Isaac Todhunter Item 24 Feb. 1874
9-11 Miscellaneous notes, and fragments of writings on political economy Item 1824, [18--]
17 Miscellaneous notes on geology Item [19th cent.]
18-19 Two addresses to the Cambridge Philosophical Society Item [19th cent.]
2 Page proofs, "Mathematical exposition of some doctrines of political economy" Item [1829]
6 Notes concerning David Ricardo Item [19th cent.]
13 Draft, "What are profits?" by an unidentified author Item [19th cent.]
15 Draft, on the subject of communication between the Earth and the Moon Item [19th cent.]
22 Remarks on "Of the intrinsic equation of a curve and its application" by an unidentified author Item [c 1849]
25 Miscellaneous extracts from papers Item [19th cent.]