Portraits and photographs

Inventory list
Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
5 Watercolour of an unknown man Item c 1850
7 Photograph of unidentified man in a kilt Item n.d.
9 Portrait photograph of Agnata Butler with [J. R. M. Butler?] Item 1890?
11 Portrait photograph of C. L. Ramsay and Gordon K. M. Butler Item 1892?
11a Portrait photograph of Tom Butler Item 1899
18d Chromolithograph of "Trinity" [H. M. Butler] by Spy in Vanity Fair Item 28 May 1903
18e Photographs of classmates from Harrow and Cambridge Item c 1905-c 1910
18f Large format photographs of Selinunte metopes, the Temple of Concordia at Agrigento, and the Latomie dei Cappuccini in Syracuse Item 1907
18k Etching of the Trinity Great Court Fountain, with a magpie on a stump etched below the main image by A. Brunet Debaines Item c 1910
18m Photograph of an unidentified man Item c 1910
18o Candid family photographs Item c 1910
19a Photographs of visits to Greece Item 1911-1963
19b Photograph in the garden of the Master's Lodge with King George V and the Butlers Item Sept. 1912
21 Photograph of H. M. Butler Item c 1915?
23 Photograph of Alma Imogen Ramsay [later Lady Armitage Smith] Item c 1910
27 Photograph of F. L. Birch as Tiresias in 'Oedipus Tyrrannus' Item 1912
29b Photograph of J. R. M. and G. K. M. Butler at Cambridge University OTC Camp Item 1912?
33a Portrait photograph of Nevile Butler in uniform Item 1914?
35 Photograph of G. K. M. Butler on horseback Item 1915?
37 Photograph of G. K. M. Butler in uniform Item 1915?
44a Photographic postcard depicting Trinity College Bridge, Cambridge Item [1916]
50 Photograph of group with car at Glen Muick [including the Adam Smiths] Item Apr. 1926
56 Photograph from The Scotsman of the Duke of Atholl with Mr Armitage Smith and Major the Hon E. Hermon-Hodge Item 13 Aug. 1936
59e Photographs of Trinity scenes Item 29 Oct. 1956
60 Photograph of J. R. M. Butler Item [1960s]
63 Photographs of men in dinner jackets in a College Room [?] Item [20th cent.]
1 Watercolour portrait of an unknown man, perhaps by George Butler Item c 1800
3 Silhouette of "Old Dr Strong the Archdeacon" [William Strong, Archdeacon of Northampton] Item c 1839–1842
8 Portrait photograph of Agnata Butler Item 29 June 1887
8a Portrait photographs of Agnata Butler Item c 1887