Publications Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
105 Illustrations File c1951
109 Ts notes and ms note on a review [by Mill ?] of the bullion essay File [1938]
111 Ms note from the memoir of Ricardo on his desire to write on absolute and exchangeable values of commodities File [1938]
117 Table of contents for vols III-IV File [1938]
120 Notes on Absolute value and exchangeable value File post 1943
128 Folder containing partial proofs of vol V, a note on the Poor Rates Misappropriation Bill and copies of speeches made by Ricardo taken from Parliamentary debates File pre 1934
129 Notes for vol V File pre 1934
137 Proofs of introduction to vol V File Sep 1951
138 Manuscript and typescript copies of letters from Place and Bentham File 1930s
140 Ts of correspondence between Horner and Malthus and Sharp, Mushet, Brougham, Glanville and Ricardo File 1930s
141 Ts of correspondence between Bingham Richards, L P Wilkinson, Radcliffe, James Hitchings, Hannah Samuda and Ricardo with letters from Ricardo's family sent following his funeral File 1930s
144 Ts of miscellaneous correspondence with Ricardo, with extracts from Ricardo's commonplace book and contemporary works on economics File 1930s
146b Letters 1817-1820 Item c1939
146c Letters 1821-1823 Item c1939
149 Ts enclosure from John Brown to Ricardo ommitted from the edition and a copy of a letter from Ricardo to Peter le Neve Foster File pre 1946
149c Proofs of vol VII File n.d.
151 Ts and proofs of lists of correspondents for vols VI-IX File 1951–52
153 References to be checked in vol IX Item c1951
154 Negatives for illustrations to vols VI and IX File c1951
154e Proofs of vol VI Item [Mar] 1952
154f Proofs of vol VII Item [Mar] 1952
154g Proofs of vol VIII Item [Mar] 1952
154h Proofs of vol IX Item [Mar] 1952
155 Photocopies of Ricardo letters from the Bodleian Library marked "unpublished or unpublishable" File May 1972
156 Ts and correspondence with Edward Rosenbaum on Ricardo in Amsterdam File 1931–
165 Ts of the addenda to the memoir Item c1952
166 Ts of a note on the authorship of the memoir Item c1952
167 Ts of family letters Item c1952
173 Ts of the supplement to vol I on the subdivision of ch VIII of the Principles... Item c1952
174 Ts of the introductory note to the bibliography of Ricardo Item c1952
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