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1 'The action of crystal rectifiers' File c1910, 1976
3 'Theory of turbulent motion and fluid friction. Part II `Flow in pipes'. File c1915
7 'Note on a particular form of eddy'. File March 1919
10 'Notes on T.1421: On the analysis of the flow of an incompressible viscous fluid'. File Jan 1920
17 'Note on the Prandtl Theory'. File Jan 1924
19 'The effect of parallel walls on the flow past a symmetrical aerofoil' File April 1929
20 'The conditions which determine plastic flow of metals'. File Aug 1930
22 'Tests of certain anchors'. File Dec 1933
24 'Report on current measurements in the Ouse'. File Oct 1934
28 'Stress-strain relationship in impact'. File Sep 1939
32 'Detonation waves'. File 1940 or 1941
35 'Design of copper crusher gauges'. File Oct 1941
41 'Wind tunnel experiments with cross wind line source of heat'. File 3 Sep 1943
46 'Note on 7482 - F.M.669 - (H.H. Pearcey) "The Effect of the condensation of atmospheric water vapour on total head and other measurements in the N.P.L. high speed tunnels"'. File Jan 1945
49 'Model experiments for predicting concentrations of gas emitted from a chimney'. File Jan 1950
55 'Stability of fluid in a vertical tube'. File c1953
62 Opening address at Conference on Yacht Design and Research, at University of Southampton File March 1962
63 'The Life of George Boole'. File 1964
65 'Conical interfaces between two viscous fluids'. File nd
71 8 pp. ms. talk on A.A. Griffith File Sep 1969
72 'Motion of axisymmetric bodies in viscous fluids' File 1969
75 'Some properties of a porous model'. File May 1971
77 'A model for the boundary condition of a porous material. Part I'. File c1971
4 'Skin friction on a flat surface'. File Feb 1916, c1976
9 'Statistical representation of turbulence'. File Jan 1920
11 'Suggestions for making fixed static pressure tubes'. File April 1920
13 'Note on T.1636c'. File Nov 1921
27 'Explosion and blast waves'. File May 1939
30 'Ballistic coefficients of fragments'. File March 1940
42 'Convection from a line source of heat in a side wind' File 12 Sep 1943
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