Food Research Institute

Inventory list
Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
11 Coloured sketch of the Food Research Institute, with short note on its location and environment Item 29 Dec 1975
17 'Chemistry Division List of Projects 1976-77'. Item 1976-1977
4 Papers re Library Committee File 1971-1976
5 Rothschild Report: Correspondence and papers File 1971
1 Correspondence re terms of appointment, equipment required etc; letter from K. L. Blaxter File 1965-1969
2 General correspondence and papers File 1969-1979
15 Chemistry Division: Accounts of work in progress for Institute Annual Reports File 1968-1971
19 Project Reports: 'Derivatization-GC/MS-Computing for analysis' File 1972-1975
6 Rothschild Report: Draft of Synge's memorandum on the Green Paper File [1971]
7 Rothschild Report: Synge's manuscript draft of introduction to his memorandum File [1971]
8 Programme for Food Research Institute 'At Home' displays File 13-14 May 1971
9 'Background to request for T.P.I. extra-mural contract' by Synge and E. Mbadiwe Item May 1974
12 Songs from Food Research Institute Christmas parties File 1970, n.d.
13 Chemistry Division: Papers File 1969-1971
16 Chemistry Division: Appointment of temporary organic chemist to assist Synge in study of reaction of quinones with proteins and amino acids in plants File 1972-1973
3 Reports on work of Synge's group File 1968-1969
10 'Memo for ARC Review Committee concerning future development of Food Research Institute' by Synge File 11 Dec 1974
14 Chemistry Division: Memoranda by R.F. Curtis, Head of Division File 1971-1973
18 Project Reports: 'Coupling of quinones with proteins' File 1972-1976