Lectures, speeches, and publications Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1 Manuscript inscribed 'Extract from Cambridge Review February 20 1890: Letters to Lecturers'. File [Feb 1890?]
2 Manuscript of speech delivered by Thomson at the 150th anniversary celebrations, 20-22 Oct 1896, of the University of Princeton File [1896?]
9 'Recent Progress in Physics', delivered to the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Winnipeg, Canada Item 1909
14 Manuscript inscribed 'Commemoration Sermon December 1918' File Dec 1918
17 Pamphlet, 'The Electron in Chemistry', relating to a course of lectures by Thomson at the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia Item 9–13 Apr 1923
20 Invitation from the Royal Dublin Society for Thomson to deliver an Afternoon Lecture Item 4 May 1925
22 Letter to Thomson re celebrations of Newton's bicentenary organised by the Yorkshire Branch of the Mathematical Association; 'Newton's Work in Physics', delivered at Grantham, Lincolnshire, 20 Mar 1927 File 1926-1927
23 Notebook loose manuscript draft of 'Beyond the Electron': Founders' Memorial Lecture, Girton College Cambridge, delivered 3 Mar 1928 Item 1928
27 Notebook inscribed on front cover 'Lectures by J.J. Thomson E.P. Adams', containing notes on Thomson's lectures. Item [1902-1903?]
35 A Text Book of Physics: Memorandum of Agreement from Charles Griffin and Co. File 1889
38 Not used File
41 Hard-backed notebook inscribed on first page 'Part of First Edition Conduction of Electricity through Gases' Item 1901
51 Manuscript of Rays of Positive Electricity and their application to Chemical Analysis, paginated 1-96 Item [1913?]
57 Proof copy: ''On the heat produced by Eddy currents in an iron plate exposed to an alternating magnetic field' Item [1892?]
3 'On Cathode Rays', given to the Cambridge Philosophical Society File 8 Feb 1897
13 Reprint of Thomson's Presidential Address at the Anniversary Meeting of the Royal Society, London on 30 November 1917 Item 1917
15 Transcript of speech at the unveiling of the Lister Memorial at University College London, 11 Nov 1919, with letter arising Item 19 Nov 1919
24 Letter and programme from the Medical Committee of the Charing Cross Hospital Medical School, London, re Thomson's Huxley Lecture Item 23 Jan 1929
29 Untitled manuscript of Thomson's Royal Society Presidential Address Item [1915-1920]
30 Untitled manuscript of speech given by Thomson at a meeting in Cambridge Item n.d
37 Royalties from the publication of Vortex Rings and Dynamics File 1 Jul 1888 - 30 Jun 1889
43 Untitled manuscript Item [1903?]
46 Memorandum of Agreement for the publication of Conductivity of Electricity through Gases (1903) Item 1902
47 Manuscript inscribed 'Nature December 10 1903 Some Scientific Centres - The Cavendish Laboratory'. Item 1903
59 Proof copy: 'Roentgen rays in therapeutics: a suggestion from a physicist' Item 1910]
62 Manuscript re James Clerk Maxwell, with manuscript corrections Item n.d
63 One manuscript and one typescript copy of unidentified index Item n.d
7 'The Carriers of Positive Electricity', delivered at the Royal Institution, London File 10 Apr 1908
8 Untitled address given by Thomson at the Annual Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Winnipeg, Canada Item 1909
10 'On the light thrown by recent investigations of electricity on the relation between matter and ether', Adamson Memorial Lecture, Victoria University of Manchester Item 4 Nov 1907
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