University of Cagliari Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1 Conclusions of the electoral panel for the chair of political economy, with copies File 1926
10 Draft letter from Piero Sraffa to the Italian Minister of Education on the fact that he may stay in Cambridge for a prolonged period and may never take up his chair at Cagliari on a residential basis again File 1931
12 Correspondence concerning Piero Sraffa's gift of 60 million Lire to the University File 1938–39
15 Papers relating to Piero Sraffa's pension File 1978–79
6 Sardinian newspaper reporting Piero Sraffa's donation to institute a fellowship Item 1929
9 Draft letters from Sraffa to the Rector and to the ministry of Foreign Affairs informing him that he has accepted a permenant post at Cambridge University and should resign his post at Cagliari with an incomplete draft letter to Uncle Mario File 9 Jan [1930]
11 [Letters from the Italian embassy and from the Rector on Piero Sraffa's resignation of the chair] File Dec 1931
13 Request for an updated CV Item 1966
8 Documents relating to Sraffa's permanent appointment to the chair of political economy File 1929
2 Documents relating to Piero Sraffa's appointment as temporary professor with a certificate of good conduct File 1926
3 Certificates of Sraffa's status File 1926
4 Letters from the Rector concerning Piero Sraffa's request for leave to visit England File 1928
5 Draft letter by Piero Sraffa to the Minister of Public Instruction on his request to stay in England Item 1928
7 Letters informing Sraffa that during his stay in Cambridge he would retain his post as a temporary professor File 1929
14 Letter from the Rector to Piero Sraffa on his gift to the University Item 6 Aug 1975