William Whewell: memorandum books and miscellaneous writings and J. Jones mathematics notebook Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2-3 Memorandum books Item [19th cent.]
5-6 Drafts of a lecture for the Royal Institution, "On the Idea of Polarity" Item [1849]
15 Miscellaneous notes Item 1851, [18--]
9 Draft, "Comte and Positivism" Item [1866]
10-13 Miscellaneous notes on mathematics, with problems Item [19th cent.]
8 Draft, "On the Principles of English University Education" Item [1837]
14 Galley proof corrected, "Comte and Positivism" Item [Jan. 1866]
1 J. Jones mathematics notebook, "Figures in Euclid" Item 1790
4 Draft, "Of the Necessary Conditions of Mathematical Theories of Physical Optics" Item [19th cent.]