William Whewell: miscellaneous notes and writings

Inventory list
Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
12 Draft concerning the Edinburgh Review article on Swift Item [19th cent.]
15 Notes on Schiller Item [19th cent.]
18 Notes on Schlegel's Dramatic literature Item [19th cent.]
32 Two papers on gradients Item [19th cent.]
31 Miscellaneous notes on astronomy Item 1835, [18--]
10 Miscellaneous fragments Item [19th cent.]
13 Notes on Lord Byron's "Parisina" Item [19th cent.]
14 Notes on Leigh Hunt's "Rimini" Item [19th cent.]
19 Notes on criticism of Cicero Item [19th cent.]
22 Notes on composition Item [19th cent.]
3 Draft, English translation of a German biographical notice of William Whewell [?] Item [19th cent.]
4-5 Draft, "Envy burning itself" with note of its origin Item [19th cent.]
11 Draft of a essay on poetical writers Item [19th cent.]
16 Notes on Coleridge's Lay sermons Item [19th cent.]
17 Notes on William Godwin's The adventures of Caleb Williams Item [19th cent.]
20 Notes on Lady Caroline Lamb's Glenarvon Item [19th cent.]
21 Draft, "On Fools" Item [19th cent.]
29 Miscellaneous notes and drafts of writings on mathematics Item [19th cent.]
27 Miscellaneous notes on natural sciences Item [19th cent.]
28 Draft, "Lyell's Geology vol. 2" Item [1832]
30 Draft, "Discussion of the Question: Are cause and effect successive or simultaneous?" Item 14 Mar. 1842
1 Notes on Goethe's Wilhelm Meister Item [19th cent.]
2 Draft, "Tithes" Item [19th cent.]
6 Notes on Plato's and Xenophon's view of death Item [19th cent.]
7 Notes on chronology and questions for examination papers in Roman and Grecian history Item [19th cent.]
8 Notes on Macaulay's praise of shallow learning Item 25 Oct. 1848
9 Notes on miscellaneous subjects: Warburton, Cumberland, "The Siege of Corinth", etc. Item [19th cent.]
23 Notes on Coleridge's "On the Prometheus of Aeschylus" Item [19th cent.]
24-26 Notes on the history of mechanics Item [19th cent.]