William Whewell: poetry by Whewell and others Inventory list

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9 Miscellaneous poems, undated Item [19th cent.]
10 Printed poem, Nugae Bartlovianae Item 17 Apr. 1838
11 Partial draft, Sunday thoughts, and other verses Item [1847]
13 Miscellaneous verses by others Item [1811?-1874?]
4 Part of [Philip Shuttleworth's] "Specimen of a Geological Lecture" copied by [Louisa] Harford Part 8 August 1848
5 Printed pamphlet, “The history of a Charade on the immortal name of Wordsworth, as enacted at Lowther Castle, Saturday, October 12, 1839" Part [1839?]
10 "Dolcoath" signed G.B.A. [George Biddell Airy] Part 18 Oct. 1828
17-18 Two poems by J. F. W. Herschel Part 1833, [1840?]
23 Milton’s “Blest pair of sirens” in Whewell’s hand Part [19th cent.]
28-30 Three poems by Martha Statter Part 1846, [18--]
31 “Monody on the death of Professor Buckland” by Archbishop Whately Part [19th cent.]
1 List of hexameters not in Whewell's hand by Isaac Todhunter Item Apr. 1874
4 Miscellaneous verses not in Whewell's hand Item [19th cent.]
6 Miscellaneous poems, dated Item 1809-1862
1 List of the folder contents by Isaac Todhunter Part [1874?]
2-3 "Account of a Charade on the name of the learned Professor Whewell as represented at Castle Ashby December 29 1837" Part 1837, 1858
6-9 Booklet of MS poems titled "Cornish melodies" by G. B. A. [George Biddell Airy] Part 19 Sept. 1828
16 Clipping of a poem, “The Pantheon” by Francis Hawkins Part [1813?]
26-27 Robert Southey’s “March to Moscow” copied by Horace Twiss Part [19th cent.]
32 “The worship of this Sabbath morn” by Dorothy Wordsworth Part 11 Aug. 1843
35 “Epitaph on Catherine Benstead, Oct. 9 1814, aged 11” by H. V. E. [Henry Venn Elliott] Part [19th cent.]
14 Draft and printed pamphlet, The isle of the sirens Item 1847
10a Printed poem, Nugarum Bartlovianarum epilogus Item [19th cent.]
21 Thomas Babington Macaulay’s logogriph, “Cut off my head, the singular I act” Part [c 1830?]
32 Broadsheet "Woburn Abbey Theatre. Prologue, written and spoken by Richard Monckton Milnes... December 22, 1848" Part [1848?]
24 Two poems by [F. M.?], 8 years old Part June 1849
25 Friedrich Schiller’s “Hoffnung” in an unidentified hand Part [19th cent.]
33 William Wordsworth’s “Poem on a Daisy casting its shadow on Loughrigg Fell” copied by Cordelia Whewell Part 4 Nov. 1844
34 Edward Forbes’ “The Story of the Dodo - by the President of the Ashmolean Society”, unsigned Part [19th cent.]
36-38 “Epitaph in Lowestoft Church” three copies by an unidentified person Part [19th cent.]
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