Writings: Album of cuttings to 'Etudes d'anthropologie biblique' Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
5 Card from Madame de Luppé to Lady Frazer Item 11 June 1932
6 Letter from Madame Griaule to Lady Frazer Item 17 June 1932
7 Letter from E. M. Noury to Sir James and Lady Frazer Item 20 June 1932
13 Letter from Paul Vaucher to Lady Frazer Item 11 July 1932
22-25 Typescript bibliographies for four subjects in vol. II of 'The Fear of the Dead' Item [1932?]
27 Proof of Author's Preface and L. Lévy-Bruhl's Preface for 'La crainte des morts', 2e série Item [1935?]
40 Typed letter from J. Thiébaud to Lady Frazer Item 7 Jan. 1938
57-58 Draft and proof of 'Canon Roscoe' obituary Item Nov.-Dec. 1932
73-75 Three letters from Nora Griffith to Lady Frazer Item 1932-1933
76 Postcard from Nora Marett to Lady Frazer Item 19 Jan. 1933
82 Letter from A. B. Ramsay to Lady Frazer Item 5 Nov. 1933
88 Letter from Sylvain Lévi to Lady Frazer Item 26 Feb. 1934
93 Proof of the front matter of 'A Bibliography of Sir James George Frazer' Item 22 Nov. 1933
94 Press List for Review Copies of Frazer: Sir J. G.: Bibliography Item 30 Jan. 1934
95-96 Cuttings from the 'Literary Guide, London' about Frazer and the Besterman Bibliography Item Mar.-Apr. 1934
97-98 Two drafts of the Preface to 'Creation and Evolution in Primitive Cosmogonies' Item 24 Oct. 1934
104 Two manuscript drafts of the Preface to 'Etudes d'anthropologie biblique' Item 9, 16 Dec. 1934
12 Letter from [F?] Léglise to Lady Frazer Item 3 July 1932
15-17 Manuscript draft of chapter summaries for vol. I of 'The Fear of the Dead' Item [1933]
18-19 Early manuscript draft of a page from Lecture I of 'The Fear of the Dead' [Vol. I] Item [1932?]
34 Typescript letter from W. S. Angus of Armstrong College, University of Durham to Lady Frazer Item 24 Jan. 1933
36 Letter from Comtesse de Fels to Lady Frazer Item 20 Jan. 1935
37 Letter from J. Vigne to Lady Frazer Item 29 Sept. 1935
38 Typed letter from Paul Valéry to Lady Frazer Item [1933?]
42-56 Cuttings of reviews of 'The Fear of the Dead in Primitive Religion' and 'La crainte des morts' Item 1934-1938
61-62 Two letters from Florence Worthington to Lady Frazer Item 26, 28 Oct. 1932
78 Manuscript draft of 'Sur le Progrès de l'Esprit humain. Preface' Item [1933?]
79-80 Manuscript draft of 'Condorcet on the Progress of the Human Mind' Item [1933?]
81 Typed letter from Theodore Besterman to Lady Frazer Item 6 Aug. 1933
86 Letter from Arundell Esdaile of the British Museum to Lady Frazer Item 6 Feb. 1934
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