Writings Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2a Letter from the editor of Chambers’s Journal (Charles E. S. Chambers) to R. B. McKerrow Item [25 July 1892]
3 ‘The Inevitable Morning’, by ‘Kenneth Niel’ Item [1894 or 1895]
7 ‘The bat story’ (first sketch) Item 29–30 Dec. 1896
12 Page from a story Item [late 1890s]
2 ‘Angel voices’ Item 4 Aug. 1891
13 ‘Stratford-on-Avon’ Item [mid 1890s]
15 ‘Joan of Arc’ Item [1894 or 1895]
17 Lines beginning ‘Oh love, since none may sing or say’ Item 7 June 1895
22 Lines beginning ‘Farewell: the word is said that can be said’ Item [c. 3 July 1901]
24 Lines beginning ‘We are the lords of all the swift-foot hours’ Item 2 July 1902
3 Plays File 1900–9
1 ‘Pretenders: a desultory conversation’; a play in one act Item [c. 1900]
2a–c Untitled play, in three acts Item [c. 1909]
3a Letter to Frank Sidgwick from R. B. McKerrow Item 6 Apr. 1909
4 Essays, articles, etc. File 1880s–1930s
8 ‘A Note on Japanese Artists of the Utagawa Family’ Item [c. 1901]
13 ‘Concealed Allusions in Elizabethan Drama’ (unfinished) Item [1930s?]
17 Essay on machines Item [1930s?]
18 ‘Reader’s Guide to Shakespeare,’ Section IV Item [1930s?]
3 Revised proofs of the illustrations for Title-page Borders used in England and Scotland, 1485–1640 Item 1932
4 Manuscript of The Elements of Bibliography Item Feb. 1939
5 Typed copy of The Elements of Bibliography Item Feb. 1939
1 Review of Mulcaster’s Elementarie, ed. E. T. Campagnac (1925) Item July 1926
4 Review of Fulgens and Lucres, by Henry Medwall, ed. F. S. Boas and A. W. Reed (1926) Item Jan. 1927
7 Reviews of the British Museum Quarterly, Nos. 1–3 (1926), and Gutenburg to Plantin, by George Parker Winship (1926) Item Apr. 1927
10 Review of The Year's Work in English Studies, Vol. VI (1925) Item Oct. 1927
13 Review of The Wandering Scholars, by Helen Waddell (1927) (incomplete) Item Apr. 1928
19 Review of The Pack of Autolycus or Strange and Terrible News ... as told in Broadside Ballads of the Years 1624–1693, ed. Hyder Edward Rollins (1927) Item Oct. 1928
21 Review of The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia, a Tale, by Samuel Johnson, ed. R. W. Chapman (1927) Item July 1929
31 Review of Bibliographia Aberdonensis, by James Fowler Kellas Johnstone and Alexander Webster Robertson (1929) Item Apr. 1930
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