Bibliographical and manuscript interests

Inventory list
Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
33 Correspondence concerning Schelle's library, Walras and Italian economists, Jasper Atkinson and William Huskisson File 1950s
38 List of books sold with related notes and catalogue cuttings File 1966
39 Notes on books sold to Deighton Bell File Feb 1966
40 Notes on books sold to Deighton Bell and David Bickersteth File 1967
41 Folder of notes on books exchanged File 1960s
46 Bundle of notes on miscellaneous books File 1950s-60s
2 Photocopies of the introduction to the 'Libro delle Agricultura' by Pietro Crescentio File [16th cent]
11 Photocopy of a document relating to Bazin and others Item 18th cent
17 Photocopies of articles from La Nef and Zeitschrift für Schweizerische Geschichte on Saint Simon's Project d'Encyclopedie and copies of manuscript and printed copies of Saint Simon's letters to Redern File [19th cent, 1925,46]
24 Transcripts of correspondence between Alfred Marshall and John Neville Keynes Item [1889–92]
28 Photocopy of the constitution and rules of the International Club, London Item [1929]
30 Photocopy of Barbon's 'An Apology for the Builder' with notes on Roger North File [1685], n.d.
1 Libraire de L'Abbaye File 1963–65
9 Libraio Bardini File 1967–69
12 Pierre Berès File n.d.
14 Donald A Berry File 1957–67
15 David Bickersteth File 1969,72
17 Blackwells File 1960–64
18 Libreria Bolognese File 1966
22 The Book Shop, Wells File 1962,66
23 Alfredo Borzi File 1970
25 Le Bouquiniste File 1965,70
31 Collet's File 1961–65
38 Libreria Antiquaria "Docet" File 1974
46 H W Edwards File 1963–67
50 Libreria Feltrinelli File 1969,73
55 Libreria Galliera File 1961–71
57 Libraria Antiquaria "Ancora Gigli" File 1966,67
61 Libreria Gozzini File 1960–71
62 John Grant File 1948,66