Bibliographical and manuscript interests

Inventory list
Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
160 George W Walford File 1960–71
165 Hans Wündisch File 1962–69
5 Notes on pamphlets by [George Martin], John Andrea, Richard Gem, Jonathan Swift, John Rich John Hill and Eliza Haywood File n.d.
7 Notes on Graunt et al on the bills of mortality File n.d.
10 Notes on works by Voltaire, Lenin, Coke, Robert Cotton File n.d.
12 Notes on the Duc de Nivernais File 1950s
13 Notes on Paolo Paruta File n.d.
19 Notes on 18th century broadsheets relating to the Bank of England File n.d.
21 Notes on The Working Man's companion and on works by John Barton, "Dr Wendel Hippler", Robert Owen, Richard Jones, Piercy Ravenstone, William Harris and Cabet (9 docs) File n.d.
24 "S. Simon Index", notes and quotations on St Simonism File [1960]
30 Notes and cuttings from booksellers' catalogues on works by Lenin File 1966
34 Desiderata File 1959–62
36 Ringbinder of booksellers' cuttings marked "book buying" which appears to include books bought and wants File 1960s
37 Notes on books sold to Deighton Bell File Feb 1965
45 Bundle of notes on miscellaneous books File 1960s
49 Correspondence concerning the presentation of the Ricardo manuscripts to Cambridge University Library File 1951–55
53 "Wild cats" enquiries concerning Adam Smith's library File 1956–57
1 Copies and typescripts of printed and manuscript works Class [1525]-1968
6 Two copies of a table of causes of death, 1629-59 File [1659]
7 Photocopies of 'A Discourse shewing the great advantages that new buildings and the enlarging of towns and cities do bring to a nation' File [1678]
12 Photocopies of documents relating to David Hume, with notes by Piero Sraffa File n.d.
14 Typescript copy of 'Paper Mischief Exposed 'by Jeremy Bentham Item [1801]
16 Photocopy of printed correspondence between Saint Simon and Redern Item [19th cent]
19 Microfilm of Saint Simon manuscripts in the Bibliotheque Nationale Item [19th cent]
20 Photographic copy and transcript of a letter from Du Pont de Nemours to Sismondi with a list of letters between the two File [1820]
32 Photocopy of 'The Substance of the speech of Henry Beaufoy, Esq to the British Society for Extending the Fisheries'... with notes on Beaufoy File 1788
2 Booksellers' correspondence Class 1938–75
10 Giuseppe Bassi File 1961
29 Raymond Clavreuil File 1961–73
33 J S Cox File 1961,62