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Archival description
EPST/D/21/1 · File · 8 Apr. 1970–8 Aug. 2012
Part of Papers of Sir Anthony Epstein

Includes attendance of meetings, travel grant applications, election as fellow; summary of Sir Anthony's publications dealing with most significant findings; letters of congratulations upon election, found in Part 2; meetings and visits; support for nominations of other fellows; annual contributions.

EPST/E/1 · sub-series · 1944–2015
Part of Papers of Sir Anthony Epstein

This sub-series includes theses (and papers produced from thesis research) authored by Sir Anthony, along with theses and publications by members of Sir Anthony's lab produced under his supervision (E/1/3–E/1/12). E/1/1 contains materials related to practical details of Sir Anthony's publications, such as publication/lecture/presentation lists, and CVs. E/1/2 is a notebook of expenses related to the publication of papers.

EPST/A/4/4/1 · Item · 18 July–21 Sept. 2006
Part of Papers of Sir Anthony Epstein

Contains fellowship certificate, text of oration delivered, order of proceedings of degree congregation, Annual Report of the University 2005-06, four colour photographs framed in board frames taken after the ceremony, and covering letter from the University.
See A/3/3/3 and D/19/153 for video and additional papers.

Book I
EPST/C/4/1 · Item · 21 July 1963–11 Sept. 1964
Part of Papers of Sir Anthony Epstein

Beginning of attempts to culture lymphoma tissue and to isolate the Epstein-Barr virus. EB1 was put into culture on 5 December 1963 and EB2 on 2 May 1964.

Home Office
EPST/D/7/1 · File · 27 July 1949–3 July 1989
Part of Papers of Sir Anthony Epstein

Issuing and renewal of licenses for animal experimentation and covering letters for annual return of experiments to the Home Office.

EPST/D/14/1 · File · 19 June 1969–30 Nov. 2009
Part of Papers of Sir Anthony Epstein

Includes interviews, radio and television broadcasts, and article contributions by Sir Anthony for the BBC and other media organizations, as well as letters from the public.