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Henry Sidgwick: letters to Nora Sidgwick about Sidgwick's illness and death; letters to Sidgwick from his mother Mary; other letters and printed material

1-93: letters to Nora Sidgwick about Henry Sidgwick's illness and death
94-133: miscellaneous correspondence and printed papers of Henry Sidgwick, many relating to the debate about compulsory Greek at Cambridge.
134-190: letters to Henry Sidgwick from his mother Mary
191-194: letters from Henry Sidgwick to Spencer Baynes regarding his article on ethics for the Encyclopædia Britannica

Sidgwick, Henry (1838–1900), philosopher

Henry Sidgwick: Reviews of Henry Sidgwick: a memoir

Mostly reviews of Henry Sidgwick: A Memoir, with some letters to Nora Sidgwick regarding the publication, or sending on reviews. One review (106/77) of Henry Sidgwick's The Philosophy of Kant and Other Lectures, from the Academy.

Sidgwick, Henry (1838–1900), philosopher

Siday Hawes: papers relating to the estate of Richard Porson

Letters, including drafts of letters, statements of account, an inventory, and Stamp Office receipts for legacy duties, many of them sent to, drafted by, or signed by Siday Hawes on behalf of his wife Elizabeth, Richard Porson's sister, with Stamp Office receipts for nephews Julius and Frederic Porson. Correspondents include James Parry, Samuel Sotheby of Leigh and Sotheby, George F. Tavel, Wilkie & Robinson, John Marshall, and John Hailstone, with a draft letter addressed to Dr. [Matthew?] Raine. Contains multiple references to the disposition of Porson's library, and sums paid by Trinity College Library, and auctioneers Leigh and Sotheby.

Hawes, Siday (1748-1827) brother-in-law of Richard Porson

Letters replying to invitations to Trinity College feasts

146 letters, most of them replies to invitations to dinner, with a few concerning arrangements to stay in rooms in College for the night, sent to the Master and Fellows of Trinity College, or specifically to Henry Montagu Butler, John Walton Capstick, Hugh McLeod Innes, or William Aldis Wright. An original letter of invitation may be found as part of item 65.

Thirteen of the letters concern other matters related to Trinity College business, as described below.
Items 9-11: Blomfield, Sir Arthur William. Asks to use the College Hall for lunch for the Royal Academy Club annual excursion, June 1899
Item 19: Dalzell, Robert Harris Carnwath, 11th Earl of Carnwath. 7 Jan. 1899. Remittance for fees, deducting a fine incurred by his son which should be paid for by the culprit
Item 40: Devonshire, Duke of. Undated. Contribution to the Trinity College, Cambridge Mission Appeal.
Items 61-62: Jebb, Sir Richard Claverhouse. 1896, 1898. Encloses payment for his subscription to the Trinity College Mission and the Cambridge House
Item 84: Parry, Sir Charles Hubert Hastings, 1st Baronet. 1898. Encloses payment for dues
Items 100-101: Sidgwick, Eleanor Mildred. 25 Mar. and 1 May 1899, encloses lists of students and other women from Newnham who would like to attend the Rayleigh lecture
Item 108: Stanton, Vincent Henry. 3 Sept. n.y. Concerning the opening times of the Trinity College Library
Item 123: Webster, Richard Everard, 1st Viscount Alverstone. 19 July 1897. Encloses cheque for subscription.
Item 125: Westlake, John. 28 Nov. 1898. To Capstick, asks for questions from the General Question paper

One letter appears to be personal, not Trinity College business: item 90, sent to John William Capstick by Georg Hermann Quincke 15 July 1896, who writes about electric currents, citing articles, and describing his overcrowded laboratory (in German).

John Walton Capstick: letters received

Personal letters, many of them congratulation on his election to the Fellowship of Trinity College, Cambridge in October 1893.

Capstick, John Walton (1858-1937) physicist, Junior Bursar of Trinity College, Cambridge

William Hepworth Thompson: journal of a tour in Greece, compositions, lecture notes

Travel journal of a tour of Greece dated 15 Apr.-11 June 1856 with rough sketches and geographical and architectural observations, notes on people met, food encountered, weather, and transportation (item 1). Accompanied by Latin and Greek compositions dating from early days with his private tutor Thomas Scott at Gawcott, and then at Trinity College, Cambridge, many of them drafts and fragments, and including compositions for Medal and Fellowship exhibitions, with compositions and verses by others: [John William?] Donaldson, Charles Merivale, E. M. Cope, and John [Smith?] Mansfield. The compositions include one headed "Macaronic verses written a few years ago by Professor Porson, during the alarm of an invasion", and two statistical tables in an unidentified hand, "A Display at one View, of the Number of Books, Chapters, Words and Verses contained in the Old and New Testaments, with other curious information connected with the Sacred Writings", and another listing numbers of people in the world, numbers of places of worship in London, consumption of good in London, inhabitants of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales in 1802. With other notes, possibly lecture notes, many of them fragmentary, and an undated letter from Elizabeth di Spineto.

Thompson, William Hepworth (1810–1886), college head

William Hepworth Thompson: printed material

Two printed sermons by Thompson: "Old things and new." A sermon, preached in the chapel of Trinity College, on Wednesday, December 15, 1852, being Commemoration Day; and A sermon preached in Ely Cathedral on Sunday, November 14, 1858, being the Sunday next after the funeral of the Very Reverend George Peacock (2 copies).
Five offprints from The Journal of Philology: "On the Word κρουνχυτροληραîος in the Equites of Aristophanes v. 89" and "Platonica" (3 copies) from Vol. V; "Introductory remarks on the Philebus", from Vol. XI; "Babriana" (13 copies) and "On the Nubes of Aristophanes" (12 copies) from Vol. XII.
Accompanied by an MS poem by D. D. H. [Douglas Denon Heath?], written in 1832[?], with note 'returned to D. D. H. 23 June 90' [possibly originally with verses by others in Add.MS.c.158, as described in a folder listing there in William Aldis Wright's hand].

Thompson, William Hepworth (1810–1886), college head

William Hepworth Thompson: a notebook of miscellanea, copies of a lecture on Euripides in 1857, and the printed sale catalogue of his library

Three separate groups of material:

  • An unbound notebook of miscellaneous items, which includes a dialogue between Plato and Paley, with various drawings, parts of poems and complete poems by William Wordsworth and Percy Bysshe Shelley, and a hand-drawn calendar listing plays printed in England in the 16th and 17th centuries.
  • 5 copies of a pamphlet headed “Euripides (A lecture delivered in 1857)” signed W. H. T. at the end in wrappers, including one inscribed to H. Jackson and another to Professor Badham, with Thompson's corrections, and another with a note on the front indicating that it was to be revised and submitted to the Journal of Philology, with 13 copies of the offprints from that journal, vol. XI
  • Catalogue of the valuable library of the Rev. W. H. Thompson, D.D., deceased…which will be sold by auction, by Messrs. Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge…on the 23rd of May, 1887 & the three days following. London, [1887]. With annotations throughout by an unidentified person.

Thompson, William Hepworth (1810–1886), college head

Miscellanea related to A. H. Hallam and H. F. Hallam

Three notebooks, individual sheets with writings and printed material, and three photographs relating primarily to Arthur Hallam. Those items relating to Arthur are a small booklet listing the boys at Putney School "by A. H. Hallam, one of its members"; a single sheet of Latin verse, "Protesilaus Laodamiae", with 'Hallam' and 'Sent up Decr. 3rd 1823' at top; a small sewn booklet with wrappers containing the manuscript draft of a "Declamation delivered in Trinity College Chapel by A. H. H. Dec. 1830"; three photographs of the house and street in Vienna where Arthur Hallam died.

Two sheets headed "Does the periodical criticism of the present day fulfill its aim?" are possibly by Henry Fitzmaurice Hallam. Also present are a small sewn booklet lacking wrappers, containing the manuscript draft of "Palestine, a Poem by Reginald Heber, Commoner of Brazenose College, Oxford. Printed in the Theatre at Oxford June 15th 1803" and a printed poem, "Salix Babylonica" with its translation "The Weeping Willow of Babylon" dated August 1839 inscribed to M. Pennington from the Earl of Mornington and signed by Wellesley.

Harold Bertie Jennings: sonnets and other poems

Over 40 poems, many represented by both original MS and typescript drafts, others as MS or typescripts only, some addressed to friends and family identified only by their initials. The typescripts were prepared by Jennings' sister Mabel Harwood, and later interleaved by his daughter Bridget Jennings with the correlating MS drafts. Accompanied by two printed journals, Poetry of today, 1940, with four poems signed H. B. J. and The poetry review, November-December 1940 with one poem signed H. B. J. Accompanied by a letter from Charles Morgan to Miss Jennings dated 1 Feb. 1951 about her father's poems, and praising in particular the sonnet, "As one that takes for world a little room". Four of the MS poems were part of letters sent by Harold to his sister Mabel and to his daughter.

Jennings, Harold Bertie (1869-1950) philologist and poet

[Arthur Henry Hallam?] essays and notes, and later copies of Henry Fitzmaurice Hallam letters to Jane and William Brookfield

Three undated, unsigned essays, titled "Free Will. 'Equilibrium ad utrumque'", "Does V. Cousin's criticism of Locke's philosophy involve misconception and unfairness?", and "Is the French novel literature the 1st in Europe?" and a notebook of Greek exercises, all possibly in the hand of [Arthur Henry Hallam?].
Typescript and MS copies of 11 letters from Henry Fitzmaurice Hallam to his cousin Jane and her husband William Brookfield. The original letters are dated 1 Sept. 1846 to 7 Oct. 1850, and the copies, some of them incomplete, appear to be 20th century.


Tressilian Nicholas: papers relating to the commemoration of the award of the Victoria Cross to Arthur W. Tisdall

Correspondence between John Wordie, Robert Robson, and John Burnaby concerning information about Tisdall at Trinity College in the archives and memories of Fellows who knew Tisdall or were at Gallipoli with him. With letters between Tressilian Nicholas and John Wordie concerning the invitation to Nicholas to represent the College at the ceremony on board the HMS President commemorating the Victoria Cross award to Tisdall, with Nicholas' memories of Gallipoli, and of Wordie's father Sir James Mann Wordie. Accompanied by the invitation, the programme for the ceremony, the HMS President's typed schedule for the event, a news clipping relating to the ceremony and another about the speaker Rear-Admiral Godfrey Place, and an exchange of letters between Nicholas and John Bradfield about the ceremony.

Nicholas, Tressilian Charles (1887–1989), geologist

Audrey Howson autograph collection

A group of 104 letters primarily collected by Audrey Tower from her grandfather, Henry Montagu Butler. Item 68 is a letter from her grandfather dated 31 July 1906, enclosing three letters. A further 9 letters are addressed to Audrey or to her parents Edmund Whytehead Howson and Agnes Howson, and four more letters are addressed to others. The letters are accompanied by two sketches at the front of the volume signed 'Dad', possibly Edmund Whytehead Howson.

Tower, Audrey (1891-1951) née Howson, granddaughter of Henry Montagu Butler

Henry Jackson: correspondence A

One of thirteen boxes of Henry Jackson's correspondence, arranged alphabetically by correspondent, and catalogued as Add.Ms.c.24-47.

Jackson, Henry (1839–1921), classical scholar

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