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Hughes, Thomas Smart (1786–1847), historian
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William Whewell letters and printed material received

A collection of some of the printed material and letters received by Whewell between 1819 to 1833, of which the materials relating to the Cambridge elections of 1829 and 1830 form a part.

Whewell, William (1794-1866), college head and writer on the history and philosophy of science

Letter from J H Monk to Jane Smart Monk

Thomas Hughes has become a Proctor "and will be thoroughly tired of his office before its expiration", Mr Griffiths of Emmanuel, George Waddington elected Fellow of Trinity, five of six new fellows are JHM's pupils, has been appointed Head Examiner, fears for books purchased in Paris which have not arrived, does not believe he will be offered a College living

Letter from J. H. Monk to Jane Smart Monk

Supervised College Examinations from 9 until past 8 each day, 5 out of 7 in the first class of the first and second year are his own pupils, election for the Woodwardian chair, Thomas Smart Hughes' opponent in his act for BD was Blomfield, James Smith's attack on Cambridge for opposing his application as Professor of Botany on the grounds of his nonconformity, hopes he will get a set of rooms vacated by Hailstone, Professor Everett in Cambridge

Letter from J. H. Monk to Jane Smart Monk

Saw Miss O'Neill play Juliet at Covent Garden, visited Rennell at Kensington, Thomas Hughes proposed migration from Emmanuel, cannot dissuade him as he seems uncomfortable there, Canova's Hebe and Terpsichore, Thompson and John Lowther visited Trinity, James Henry Monk's pupils did well in the Scholarship examination, of 9 new scholars 8 are on his side

Letter from J. H. Monk to Jane Smart Monk

To stay in Cambridge after the end of term to compose sermons for Whitehall and then to attend the christening of Edward Blomfield in Buckinghamshire, suggests Jane invest in the Kent Waterworks, entertained Lord Spencer, Thomas Hughes gave a concert at Trinity Hall, believes Thomas Hughes' migration to Emmanuel a "rash sacrifice"

Lettter from J H Monk to Jane Smart Monk

Has been giving a lot of time to Lord Brecknock, Thomas Hughes not in want of money but has sold pictures because they will not fit in his Emmanuel rooms, it has been decided that the Bedfordshire living is not within 20 miles of Cambridge, Wiles has gone to look at it