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W. Aldis Wright: Philological papers, etc.

This is a miscellaneous collection of letters, printed papers, and memoranda relating to a number of Wright’s philological and literary interests, including English dialects and the works of Shakespeare.

Wright, William Aldis (1831-1914), literary and biblical scholar

Notes by Henry Blundell on physics lectures attended by him at Douai

This book contains a fair copy of notes made by Henry Blundell on a series of physics lectures, presumably attended by him at Douai. The name Douai does not occur in the book, but it is dated in the period when Blundell was there (1743-5).

The title ‘Phy[si]ca | seu | Phi[losophi]a na[tur]alis. | Prol[e]gomena.' appears on f. 1v, and ‘PHYSICA' is stamped on the spine. The
first of these titles is followed below by ‘Hen: Blundell—1744' and some further words. The written text concludes on f. 321r with the inscription ‘Die 1o julii an: D[o]m[in]i 1744 | Horis 84 | Hen: Blundell'.

The text is heavily abbreviated, but the omission of letters is not generally marked, as in the title cited above.

The seven engravings inserted among the MS leaves are as follows:

f. 2. St Thomas Aquinas, in a decorative border, with a descriptive caption beginning ‘SAINT THOMAS de la Noble Race des Comtes d'Aquin', subscribed ‘Chez Crepy a St. Iacques'.

f. 30. Réné Descartes, in a decorative border, with a descriptive caption beginning ‘RENE DES CARTES Seigneur de Peron', subscribed ‘Crepy rue St. Iacques a St. Iacques'.

f. 34. Astronomical diagram, headed ‘Tabula 20' and subscribed ‘Jacobus Jollain aletoille ex[cudit] cum priu[ilegio] regis' (‘aletoille' is written above the line, as if omitted by mistake) and ‘rue st. jacques a la belle etoile'.

f. 282: Diagram, headed ‘Tab. 9' and subscribed ‘A Paris chez Vallet.'

f. 287: Diagram, headed ‘TAB' (no number) and subscribed ‘A Paris chez Vallet 1724.'

f. 289: Diagram, headed ‘Tabula .10.' and subscribed ‘Jacobus Jollain fecit et excudit cum priv[ilegio] Regis aletoile'.

f. 298: Diagram, headed ‘Tabula. 8.'; no imprint.

The printed sheet (f. 322) is headed ‘PHILOSOPHIA NATURALIS', and contains a summary, or syllabus, of the subject broken down into three (perhaps termly) series of numbered sections.

Blundell, Henry (1724-1810), art collector

Papers of Dawson Turner

This collection mainly comprises letters by people of public significance in Dawson Turner’s day, many of them with East Anglian connections.

Turner, Dawson (1775-1858), banker, botanist, and antiquary

Family and personal papers

The material in this section is arranged as follows:

B/1-B/679: Correspondence and papers, 1836-1952. Family and personal correspondence of Sir J. J. Thomson is at B/1-B/44. At B/45-B/639, the bulk of this section, is the correspondence and papers of Thomson's wife Rose Elizabeth, Lady Thomson (née Paget): most of this is incoming correspondence from family members and friends; there are also notebooks and diaries at B/570-B/594, correspondence from and material relating to societies, organisations, and appeals at B/595-B/635, and miscellaneous material at B/636-B/639.

There is also family and personal correspondence of other family members including their son George Paget Thomson, B/640-656, and daughter Joan Paget Thomson, B/657-B/658. The correspondence between family members is arranged by recipient, thus letters from J. J. Thomson to his wife are to be found in the incoming correspondence of Rose Thomson at B/45-B/53 rather than in the family correspondence of Thomson himself (B/1-B/6).

B/680-B/688: Photographs, 1917-1925

B/689-B/719: Accounts, 1888-1951. This material consists chiefly of Thomson household accounts, which were kept by Lady Thomson, and have been arranged, in chronological order.

B/720-B/731: Miscellaneous, 1918-1944

Letter from Hudson Gurney to Dawson Turner


Dear Dawson

I find my Wife is Sending over the Carriage for Miss Poole tomorrow Morning & that it will return with Her in the afternoon—

I send this Note my My Servant to the Norfolk Hotel—In case You Shd. be there—& if not He will Leave it at the Bank—that You may arrange at Which time You Can Come over to us—

I Have Some Cold—& therefore Shall not be out—& Mr. Gage {1} keeps the House & does not Like to face the Weather

I am Yrs {2}

H Gurney

Sunday Evg. 23rd
[Added by Turner:] Jany 1842.


{1} Followed by an indistinct name.

{2} This line is indistinct.

Turner, Dawson (1775-1858), banker, botanist, and antiquary

Biographical papers

The material in this section is arranged as follows:

A/1-A/4: Obituary notices, 1940-1942

A/5-A/31: Biographical notes, 1909-1958. Within this group, A/23-A/31 comprises correspondence and papers found together. The bulk of this material was originally assembled by Lord Rayleigh whilst writing his biography The Life of Sir J. J. Thomson O.M. sometime master of Trinity College, Cambridge, published in 1942 by Cambridge University Press. There is also a little material added later by the family.

A/32-A/71A: Career, honours, and awards, 1874-1940. This section also includes letters of congratulation to Thomson's mother Emma on his early successes, and letters of condolence to his wife on his death.

A/72-A/103: Certificates, 1900-1937. A number of these awards are also documented at A/32-71.

A/104-A/109: 'J.J. on Education', 1918-1940 (material found together, and thus entitled, by Lord Rayleigh in the course of writing his biography of Thomson). See A/120 for press cuttings re Thomson's interest in Education.

A/110-A/143: Press cuttings, 1888-1956. Arranged in chronological order, and including press cuttings re Thomson's lectures and publications.

A/144: Diary of J. J. Thomson

A/145-152: Financial papers, 1878-1938

A/153-160: Photographs, 1909-1932

A/161-165: Invitations, 1885-1936. Social invitations received by Thomson. See also C/81-C/130

A/166-176: Miscellaneous, 1878-1956

Lectures, speeches, and publications

F/1-F/32: Principally drafts and correspondence relating to Thomson's public lectures and speeches, 1890-1938. F/27 is a notebook used by E.P. Adams for typescript notes on lectures by Thomson.
F/33-F/64: Publications by Thomson. F/39-F/46 relate to Conductivity of Electricity through Gases (1903); F/51-F/55 relate to Rays of Positive Electricity and their application to Chemical Analysis (1913).

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