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FRAZ/33/55-56 · Item · 1927, 1930
Part of Papers of Sir James Frazer

10 Chadlington Rd., Oxford and Magdalen College, Oxford - In the letter of 22 July 1927, he thanks her for her letter, and for the promise of a manuscript for the Bodleian Library; in the second letter dated 27 Jan. 1930 he thanks her for the gift of the manuscript to the Bodleian.

FRAZ/15/3 · Item · 9 June 1934
Part of Papers of Sir James Frazer

Printed form completed in manuscript thanking Frazer for the gift of two specimens of the donor's handwriting: the first leaf of 'Recollections of the Battle of Dorking' and 'Reply to an Address', presented to the donor on the occasion of the foundation of the Frazer lectureship; form signed by George Hill.

Album of cuttings
FRAZ/26/1 · Item · 1932-1938
Part of Papers of Sir James Frazer

Album containing 119 cuttings of newspaper and magazine articles mentioning Sir James and Lilly Frazer, including reviews of 'Aftermath', 'Creation and Evolution of Primitive Cosmogonies', 'Essais et souvenirs', 'Totemica', 'Greece and Rome: a Selection from the Works of Sir James George Frazer', 'Pasha the Pom', 'A Bibliography of Sir James Frazer', and 'The Fear of the Dead in Primitive Religion', including reviews by Raymond Firth of 'Totemica' for both 'The Spectator', Nov. 1937 (page 19) and for 'Life and Letters To-Day', Winter 1937 (page 27); and by Ruth Benedict of 'The Fear of the Dead in Primitive Religion' Vol. III in 'The New York Herald Tribune' of Sept. 1936 (page 52). A photograph of James and Lilly from the 'Weekly Illustrated London' of 2 Jan. 1937 appears on page 6.

FRAZ/22/4 · Item · 1890-1891
Part of Papers of Sir James Frazer

Dark green bound volume of 44 cuttings, primarily reviews, of the first edition of 'The Golden Bough'; includes reviews by Isaac Taylor in 'The Academy' (tipped on to p. 5), John G. Bourke in 'The American Anthropologist' (verso of p. 11), and W. Warde Fowler in 'The Classical Review' (tipped on to p. 13).

FRAZ/26/2 · Item · June-July 1932
Part of Papers of Sir James Frazer

Album of calling cards, letters, and postcards dated June-July 1932, thanking the Frazers for their copy of 'Heures de Loisir'. The six letters are from la Bibliothèque Méjanes, le Comité du Folk-lore champenois, Gustave Glotz, L. Lévy-Bruhl, Eugène Sol, and J. Varagnac. In a postscript Lévy-Bruhl writes that the death of Alphandéry gives him much pain, as it must for them. The five postcards and two cards include two from [Lucie?] Landry and Félix Regnault; the 23 calling cards include those from le Duc de Broglie, Jacques Cavalier, Docteur de Cazeneuve, Edouard Drouot, René Maunier for la Société du folklore français, Pierre Maxime Schuhl, Eugène Sol, and Joseph Vezian.

Album of newspaper cuttings
FRAZ/21/1 · Item · 1888-1899
Part of Papers of Sir James Frazer

Articles about folklore and customs dated primarily 1888-1891, many of them from the 'Glasgow Herald', with several obituaries of Rev. Alexander Anderson in Oct. 1891.

Album, 'Africa, 1938'
FRAZ/7/6 · Subseries · May-June 1938
Part of Papers of Sir James Frazer

3 cuttings, two of them announcing the forthcoming 'Anthologia Anthropologica. The Native Races of Africa and Madagascar', and one of them reproducing a portrait of Frazer by Rothenstein as the Portrait of the Week in the 'Illustrated Weekly of India'.

Album, 'Cuttings June 1938'
FRAZ/27/62 · Item · 1936-1939
Part of Papers of Sir James Frazer

Album of 39 cuttings about or mentioning Frazer, including news items about his honorary doctorate from the University of Athens; with reviews of 'Aftermath', including one by R. R. Marett in the 'Observer', and two books for which he wrote introductions: 'Bantu Beliefs and Magic' by C. W. Hobley and 'The Native Tribes of Central Australia' by Baldwin Spencer and F. J. Gillen; also, an obituary of George William Macfarlane and a news item about putting a plaque on Edward Clodd's house.

Album, 'Cuttings, 30/1/38'
FRAZ/7/8 · Subseries · 1938
Part of Papers of Sir James Frazer

36 cuttings of articles, many of them reviews of 'Totemica', with a few others on 'Pasha the Pom', 'Greece and Rome', and 'Aftermath'. Several cuttings appear to be missing, as several pages have publication information recorded but no corresponding cutting below.

FRAZ/7/2 · File · 1936
Part of Papers of Sir James Frazer

40 cuttings, most of them relating to 'The Fear of the Dead', both before publication, with headlines such as 'New Book a Mystery' and 'Writer on Savages But Has Never Seen One', and reviews of the book, including one illustrated article from the 'Illustrated London News' of 25 Apr. 1936 and a review by R. R. Marett in 'The Quarterly Review' July 1936. There are also cuttings about Frazer dated 1936 unrelated to the book, a review by Wickham Steed of 'Totemism & Exogamy' in 'The Observer' of 16 Feb. 1936, and a typed page of extracts from T. K. Penniman's 'A Hundred Years of Anthropology'.

Album, 'Miscellaneous, 1938'
FRAZ/7/7 · Subseries · May-June 1938
Part of Papers of Sir James Frazer

48 cuttings of articles in which Frazer is mentioned personally (including a number reporting his honorary doctorate from the University of Athens) or in which his books are mentioned as a source for a discussion of local customs and folklore.

FRAZ/7/5 · Subseries · 1936-1938
Part of Papers of Sir James Frazer

82 cuttings of newspaper articles mentioning Frazer, including reviews of 'Totemica', 'Greece and Rome', and 'Pasha the Pom'. Reviews of 'Aftermath' include one by A. L. Morton in 'Criterion' of April 1937. Two photos of James and Lilly appear (items 18 and 51), dated January and October 1937.

FRAZ/35/1 · Item · c 1880?
Part of Papers of Sir James Frazer

Bound volume containing notes in Frazer’s hand, excerpts from works by Francis Bacon, Sir Thomas Browne, Sir Walter Raleigh, Richard Hooker, J. A. Froude, Edmund Burke, Sir Walter Scott, Hugh Miller, Abraham Cowley, Alexander Pope, Edward Gibbon, John Henry Newman, Charles Dickens and Charles Kingsley.

Bibliographies of fire &c.
FRAZ/23/29-32 · Item · Nov.-Dec. 1920
Part of Papers of Sir James Frazer

Four manuscript lists given to Frazer by Salomon Reinach, Henri Hubert, and Lucien Herr. Accompanied by an envelope from the Hotel Lutetia with Frazer's list of contents, referring to a list from Houtin not found here.