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Butler, Henry Montagu (1833-1918), college head
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Letter from J. G. Frazer to 'Master' [Henry Montagu Butler]

Trinity College, Cambridge - Wishes to withdraw from the Library Committee, as his specialty is not one in which the Library is strong; also doubts the utility of College libraries, 'a system which gives us in Cambridge eighteen very imperfect libraries and not one really good one.'

Letter from J. G. Frazer to 'Master' [Henry Montagu Butler]

Inch-ma-home, Cambridge - In letter of 2 June, Frazer asks Butler to sign some enclosed memorials to the Australian government about some anthropological work and has received a letter from Mr [Francis?] Galton, who had just returned from Greece and heard 'a graphic account of my first (alas! it will not be my last) journey to the Styx.'

Letter from J. G. Frazer to 'Master' [Henry Montagu Butler]

Inch-ma-home, Cambridge - Does not expect Butler to read all three volumes [of 'The Golden Bough']: 'I quite understand that to many minds the descriptions of foolish and absurd customs which make up the bulk of the book may be tedious and even painful'; had a happy winter in Rome, but had to cut short their visit to return because their tenant left their house in Cambridge early.

Letter from H. Montagu Butler to J. G. Frazer

Trinity Lodge, Cambridge - Writing on the blank leaf of a letter from H. McLeod Innes to himself, he forwards the letter containing the minute of Trinity College Council in which Frazer is asked to give one or two courses of lectures suitable for candidates preparing for Classical Tripos Part II; he will be paid fifty guineas for each course; hopes he will comply with the proposal.

Copy letter from G. H. Darwin to J. G. Frazer

Newnham Grange, Cambridge. Dated Dec. 22, 1900 - Thanks him for the GB, thanks Lilly Frazer for the postcards; is sending Gwen and Charles to Germany to learn the language; Ryle is the new Bishop of Exeter; the Master's [Henry Montagu Butler] health is not satisfactory; he has asked the college to look into 'too lavish pensions'.

Letters to William Whewell and Christopher Wordsworth

Includes letters by J. O. Halliwell, J. M. Heath about the August 1846 storm in Cambridge, H. Montagu Butler about a bust of Archdeacon Hare, Vernon Musgrave about a memorial to Archbishop Musgrave, with a draft from William Whewell to Vernon Musgrave.

Wright, William Aldis (1831-1914), literary and biblical scholar

Letter from H M Butler to G K M Butler

G K M Butler would have been elected a Fellow if there had been four vacancies in stead of three, F A Simpson particularly pleased with his performance in history, electors think him safe for the following year, Nevile Butler working at the Foreign Office.

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