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Letter from Michael Foster to Lord Kelvin
Add. MS a/666/5 · Item · 26 Nov. 1894
Parte de Additional Manuscripts a

Shelford.—Discusses arrangements for a forthcoming dinner of the Royal Society.

(Dated Monday.)



Shelford. Monday. Ev.

My dear President,

Telegram to hand—This is very annoying; it was such a real good toast list.

I think now it will be best to ask Lord Salisbury to propose the toast instead of replying to it—& to “couple” your “name” with it. Your response as being that of an official of the Society can be quite brief & without sitting down you can go on to propose the Medalists†—this will save us a speech and we have a quite long enough list {1}

But Harcourt’s failing puts us in another corner—With the Lord Chancellor & Harcourt both speaking the way was clear to ask Ld Ashbourne—this from your telegram you have done. But it will look onesided to have Salisbury & Ashbourne as against Chancellor.

If he falls out we certainly ought to ask Shaw Fevre {2}—in fact we ought even if he accepts, & Rhodes fails—perhaps even if Rhodes does not fail. Let me know what you think.

I go up to Burlington House on Wednesday to finally arrange table—shall be there from mid-day onwards—Please write to me there your opinion of the above & if you have to wire on Wednes. wire me there—Perhaps you will authorize me to write in your name if necessary. On Wednesday we shall know more definitely who is coming, & what answers you have had—& we must then do our best & I will write to whom we may decide on, if there is need. If may be desirable for me to wire you on Wednes. aft, & get an immediate reply—perhaps you will arrange for this

Ever yours
M. Foster


Letter-head of the Royal Society, Burlington House, London, W. Kelvin was President of the Society from 1890 to 1895, and Foster was Secretary from 1881 to 1903. The letter concerns arrangements for the Society’s annual anniversary dinner on Friday, 30 Nov. 1894, at which the Lord Chancellor (Lord Herschell), the Marquess of Salisbury, and Lord Ashbourne, all mentioned in the letter, were present (see The Times, 1 Dec. 1894, p. 10).

{1} Foster’s suggestions were adopted. See the Times article cited above.

{2} G. J. Shaw-Lefevre, who had attended the dinner in 1892 (The Times, 1 Dec. 1892, p. 6).

† Sic.

Letter from Susan Grant to Richard Monckton Milnes
HOUG/EM/8/7 · Item · 7 Aug. 1847
Parte de Papers of Richard Monckton Milnes, Lord Houghton

15 Devonshire Street, near Poplar [Row/Road?], New Kent Road. - Encloses letter from Mr Gaskell: deeply disappointed despite his generosity; hoped to have secured her ailing daughter a passage to greenock; divident to another daughter might not be paid in time to send her; begs a couple of pounds as a last hope. Enclosure: letter from Daniel Gaskell to Susan Grant, 6 Aug. 1847. Lupset Hall, Wakefield. - Regrets Trustees of the late Lady Galway's Fund are unable to assista; stronger claimants locally; sends £1 as a personal gift.

Letter from Susan Grant to Richard Monckton Milnes
HOUG/EM/8/6 · Item · 7 Aug. 1841
Parte de Papers of Richard Monckton Milnes, Lord Houghton

Willow Cottage, Kingsland, near London. - Is the widow of Captain W. C. Grant, who fell at Waterloo, daughter of the botanist Colin Milne and niece of Dr George Campbell, Principal of the Marischal College, Aberdeen; Miss Mary Campbell will verify her statements; financial difficulties resulting from widowhood and other deaths in the family; cruel persecution threatens her own health; her son in India is the only child provided for; has no funds to pay bills; seeks assistance; Dr Sherriff of Blackheath will vouch for her.

Letter from Edward Wallace Goodlake to Lord Houghton
HOUG/EM/8/5 · Item · 23 Nov. [1866-1867]
Parte de Papers of Richard Monckton Milnes, Lord Houghton

On embossed notepaper, Garrick Club, W. C. - Met Houghton at George Wrottesley's in Hereford St and at Newstead; seeks recommendation to Lord Cranworth for Secretaryship of the International Law Commission; his sister Mr Webb would be grateful for any favour shown to him; on Oxford circuit; was Judge in the Falkland Islands for two years.

HOUG/EM/8/2 · Item · 5 Feb. 1847
Parte de Papers of Richard Monckton Milnes, Lord Houghton

19 Upper Harley Street. - Encloses Lord Grey's letter [no longer present], which Mr McCarthy allowed him to show to Charles; needs Milnes' assistance in finding preferment; has refused living offered by Sir Thomas Sebright 'because I cannot undertake house-building'; a more retired situation without parochial duties would tempt him to settle in England.