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BUTJ/E/2/23 · Documento · 1949
Parte de Papers of Sir James Butler (J. R. M. Butler)

Letters from B. Goulding Brown, Sir Ernest Barker, Betty Behrens, Harold E. Butler, Sir M. S. D. Butler, Sir Herbert Butterfield, Sir G. N. Clark, V. H. Galbraith, G. P. Gooch, Gerald Graham, Michael Grant, H. Lauterpacht, Belinda Norman-Butler, Sir F. M. Powicke, Sir D. H. Robertson, F. A. Simpson, Humphrey Sumner, Norman Sykes, G. M. Trevelyan, Sir C. K. Webster, and E. L. Woodward.

Letter from Thomas Babington Macaulay to Hannah Trevelyan
O./15.73/78 · Item · 8 Apr. 1853
Parte de Manuscripts in Wren Class O

Printed advertisement of sale, to be carried out by S. Leigh Sotheby and John Wilkinson at their premises, 13 Wellington Street, Strand, W. C., from Wednesday 4th-Friday 6th March 1863. Printed by J. Davy & Sons of 137 Longacre.

The catalogue has been marked up with lines in red ink and prices fetched by books; running total kept at the top and bottom of each page. Also printed by J. Davy & Sons.