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Letter from A. de Fleuriau to Lady Frazer
FRAZ/24/50 · Item · 27 Mar. 1926
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

Ambassade de France, à Londres - He was supposed to announce the Légion d'honneur himself at some point in the next month, and would prefer for the moment not to speak of it publicly, though he sends his congratulations to Sir James. Accompanied by the envelope.

Specimen page of the Macmillan edition of the "Fasti"
FRAZ/25/7 · Item · [Feb. 1928?]
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

Specimen page of the text and commentary of the Macmillan edition of the 'Fasti', accompanied by envelope with Frazer's note, 'Ovid, Specimen pages & Macmillan's letters and Agreement with Loeb &c.'. Probably originally sent with George A. Macmillan's letter to Frazer dated 12 Feb. 1926, in which he refers to sending specimen pages (FRAZ/14/61)

Letter from James Loeb to Lady Frazer
FRAZ/25/11 · Item · 24 Oct. 1929
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

"Hochried", Murnau/Staffelsee - Wrote to Dr Page as soon as he received her note, and hopes Sir James' honorarium has arrived; has read the first two books of the 'Fasti' and admires it; is writing to Heinemann to grant permission to keep the books loaned them; is pleased to hear they will be moving to the Temple; thanks her for sending him Reinach's note.

Letter from T. E. Page to Lady Frazer
FRAZ/25/12 · Item · 6 Mar. 1929
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

Loeb Classical Library - Has consulted with Dr Loeb about the payment for the 'Fasti', and while the normal payment would be £50 or £60, they are willing to pay £100, £50 paid now; the L.C.L. will not get the same benefit from the work given its publication in the Library edition first; acknowledges that the money can bear little relation to the value of the work done.

Letter from M. A. Kugener to James George Frazer
FRAZ/25/17 · Item · 26 Oct. 1929
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

Woluwe St Pierre, 52 avenue Parmentier - Due to the negligence of the Université de Bruxelles, he has only received 2 of the 5 volumes of the 'Fasti'; thanks him for his kind dedication of the copy; he will announce the edition at the next meeting of the Société pour le progress d'études historiques et philologiques, and will review it in 'Revue belge de philologie et d'histoire'; he showed the volumes to M. Peeters, who was hoping for a copy, but after seeing the five magnificent volumes, he no longer dares to hope.

Letter from Comtesse de Fels to Lady Frazer
FRAZ/25/29 · Item · 9 Feb. 1935
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

135 Faubourg St. Honoré - Received the 'Fasti', and the 'Gorgon's Head' and her charming 'Histoire de Monsieur Blanc'; she's received their invitation to the Institut Britannique on 16 Feb. and it would give her great pleasure to go if they have not left for Cannes.

FRAZ/25/37-41 · Item · Feb. 1929
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

An early corrected manuscript draft (Item 37), and a later corrected manuscript draft (Item 38); two corrected typescripts of the speech, with an additional sentence at the end of one (Items 39-40); with 9 copies of a final 2-page typescript, mechanically reproduced, and 4 additional copies of page 2, accompanied by an envelope (all listed as Item 41).

FRAZ/25/72-73 · Item · 18, 21 July 1939
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

69 Eaton Square, S.W. - Lord Baldwin is leaving London tomorrow and will be able to see if the books have been sent to Astley Hall for himself; is glad to present Volume II [of the 'Anthologia Anthropologica'] to the Duke of Kent, but will not be seeing the Librarian of the House of Lords or the House of Commons until the autumn, and thinks the Frazers should approach them through their publisher.

Typed letter from W. Salmon of 'The Times' to Lady Frazer
FRAZ/25/107 · Item · 24 June 1932
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

The Times - Received no official notification of the Freedom of Glasgow, or they would have made more of it; has made note of the engagement at St Andrews on June 28; is pleased to hear of the improvement in Sir James' health, asks if they may publish a paragraph about it.

FRAZ/26/22-25 · Item · [1932?]
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

Typescripts, corrected, slight variants of the bibliographies with the same titles in 'Notebook TRIN. The Fear of the Dead': 'Ghosts Driven Away', 'Destruction or Burial of the Property of the Dead to Prevent Return of Ghost', 'Bones of Dead Broken Before Burial', 'Barriers Against Ghosts', the last three represented by original typescripts and carbon copies.

Draft and proof of 'Canon Roscoe' obituary
FRAZ/26/57-58 · Item · Nov.-Dec. 1932
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

Manuscript draft in Frazer's hand, corrected, of his obituary of John Roscoe in 'Nature', dated 7 Nov. 1932, with Lady Frazer's note on the cover page noting that after Dec. 11 they will be travelling; with the proof, corrected.