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O./13.19/Index · Parte · early 19th c.
Parte de Manuscripts in Wren Class O

(The index, which covers the contents of the two volumes O.13.19 and O.13.20, is arranged in alphabetical order of the correspondents’ names and is in two parts, one for names from A to K, the other for names from L to W.)

Manuscripts in Wren Class O
O. · Fondo · 10th-20th c.

Class O is the repository of the Gale collection of manuscripts, donated to the library in 1738 by Roger Gale, the son of Dr Thomas Gale. This collection was described in 1902 by M. R. James in the preface to volume III of his catalogue of Western manuscripts in Trinity College Library which may be viewed online at A searchable version of the James catalogue may be found online at

The manuscripts listed in this catalogue were placed in Class O in the Wren Library on shelves not otherwise occupied by the Gale collection. They consist of a mix of single items and small archival entities, with materials which form a part of larger collections housed elsewhere. It should be noted that there are gaps in the numbering scheme of items on the shelves, and that the cataloguing of these materials is a work in progress.

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TURN III · Fondo · 1811–61

These papers comprise letters to Dawson Turner, mainly from members of his family, letters to Hudson Gurney from Sir Francis Palgrave and Dawson Turner, letters to Palgrave from Gurney, and a few other miscellaneous items.

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Papers of William Whewell
WHWL* · Fondo · 16th-19th c.

The papers consist of correspondence, diaries, subject files, writings, other Whewell papers, family papers, and later papers of others. The family papers include those originally gathered by Whewell's first wife Cordelia (née Marshall) and his second wife Lady Affleck (née Ellis). The papers of Lady Affleck's brother and Whewell's friend Robert Leslie Ellis now form a subset of this collection.

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HOUG/EM/17/14 · Unidad documental simple · [3] May 1850
Parte de Papers of Richard Monckton Milnes, Lord Houghton

4 Market Alley, Gravesend. - Reduced to poverty; deserted from trading ship in 1816 and amassed £200 by 1827; returned home and started mother and sister in a confectionery business; own business as part owner of a ship and dealer in tallow, coal and bones subsequently failed; now forced to live among depraved drunkards; fears for moral welfare of his children; seeks funds to emigrate; would be an asset during passage; 'I might become a scololmaster...'. Cites Messrs Ogilby, Moore & Co. as referees in London. Postscript: pledged teetotaller via Father Mathew; has also written to Hon. Sidney Herbert.