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Newton 350th anniversary: dinner menu and newsclipping

Printed menu for Newton 350th Anniversary Dinner, held on 3 July 1992. Newcutting, The Times "Saturday Review", 4 July 1992: new poem, Newton Enigmas, by Ben Okri, commissioned by the Master of Trinity, Sir Michael Atiyah, to mark the anniversary and performed for the first time by the Trinity College choir at the 3 July dinner in a setting by Richard Marlow, director of Music at Trinity.

Trinity College, Cambridge

Fisher House newsletters

The pamphlet for 1980 encloses a letter from the Chaplain, Maurice Couve de Murville, to Miss [Rosemary] Graham at Trinity College library, saying he is sending the newsletter as it 'contains notices of several Trinity men' and thanking her for her help; a copy letter from Miss Graham in reply, 27 Oct 1980, asks if the Library could have last year's too and be added to the subscription list. The pamphlet for 1979 therefore encloses another letter from Couve de Murville, 29 Oct 1980.

Photocopies of Byroniana

Photocopies of letters by and relating to Lord Byron, particularly his relationship with Elizabeth Pigot, and her later contact with John Murray and others, with copies of Byron's will, poem fragments, and some printed material.

E. D. Adrian: copy typescript of his eightieth birthday speech

Two copies of the corrected typescript of Adrian's birthday speech made in the Combination Room before the Trinity College Fellows headed November 30th, 1969 with a MS note at top, 'Combination Room, Sunday 19th Nov.', sharing his memories of Trinity from 1908 to shortly before the onset of World War II. Accompanied by a card to Philip Gaskell asking for the return of the original.

Adrian, Edgar Douglas (1889–1977), 1st Baron Adrian, physiologist

Tressilian Nicholas: papers relating to the commemoration of the award of the Victoria Cross to Arthur W. Tisdall

Correspondence between John Wordie, Robert Robson, and John Burnaby concerning information about Tisdall at Trinity College in the archives and memories of Fellows who knew Tisdall or were at Gallipoli with him. With letters between Tressilian Nicholas and John Wordie concerning the invitation to Nicholas to represent the College at the ceremony on board the HMS President commemorating the Victoria Cross award to Tisdall, with Nicholas' memories of Gallipoli, and of Wordie's father Sir James Mann Wordie. Accompanied by the invitation, the programme for the ceremony, the HMS President's typed schedule for the event, a news clipping relating to the ceremony and another about the speaker Rear-Admiral Godfrey Place, and an exchange of letters between Nicholas and John Bradfield about the ceremony.

Nicholas, Tressilian Charles (1887–1989), geologist

H. A. Hollond: correspondence arising from the television programme in honour of Bertrand Russell's 92nd birthday

A letter from C. D. Broad to Hollond dated 22 May 1964 correcting Hollond's account of the interview for the television programme on Bertrand Russell, and expressing his desire to let Russell know that he had been interviewed but cut from the programme, accompanied by a copy letter from Hollond to Russell dated 26 May 1964 incorporating this information and enclosing a copy of a letter of protest at Broad's treatment to the B.B.C. television executives. Hollond's letter to Russell shares memories of Russell's visit to give the Lowell Lectures at Harvard University in the spring of 1914, mentioning the visit of Rupert Brooke, a dinner with Roscoe Pound, his reaction to a recital by Alfred Noyes, a visit with Mrs Fiske Warren, and a dinner party with Amy Lowell and Elizabeth Perkins; he also mentions speaking with Victor Purcell on the telephone after a visit with Russell, and remembering a conversation between T. C. Nicholas, and George Trevelyan about giving Russell a Title B Fellowship. With added notes at the bottom in Hollond's hand identifying people mentioned in the letter.

Hollond, Henry Arthur (1884-1974) academic lawyer and historian

Photographs of a chair said to be from Isaac Newton's rooms, with accompanying letters

Two photographs of a chair, taken by W. T. Munns, Gravesend, with three letters: one from James Raine asking his cousin Mary K. Butler for the history of the chair, and two more from Mary, one answering him, and the other forwarding the photographs and letters to Lord Adrian, Master of Trinity.

Butler, Mary Katherine (fl 1960) cousin of James Raine

Speeches by Edgar Douglas Adrian as Master of Trinity

Four bound volumes of typescript speeches, carrying MS additions and corrections.

  • Vol. I: Commemoration feasts, 1952-1965
  • Vol. II: Fellowship admission dinners, with his inaugural installation speech, and final presentation dinner speech, 1952-1965
  • Vol. III: Annual gatherings, 1951-1965
  • Vol. IV: Freshmen dinners, including Overseas freshmen, and the change to Matriculation dinners, 1957-1964

Adrian, Edgar Douglas (1889–1977), 1st Baron Adrian, physiologist

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