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Family papers of Jane Dunn Gardner

A group of papers which appear to be centred around the Dunn Gardner family of Chatteris, near Ely, with letters from extended Johnston and Hake family members, and writings related to them, with two notebooks and loose notes and schoolwork by Marriott Gardner, who died while a student at Trinity College in 1781.

Gardner, Jane Dunn (1757-1839), sister of Marriott Gardner

Letters replying to invitations to Trinity College feasts

146 letters, most of them replies to invitations to dinner, with a few concerning arrangements to stay in rooms in College for the night, sent to the Master and Fellows of Trinity College, or specifically to Henry Montagu Butler, John Walton Capstick, Hugh McLeod Innes, or William Aldis Wright. An original letter of invitation may be found as part of item 65.

Thirteen of the letters concern other matters related to Trinity College business, as described below.
Items 9-11: Blomfield, Sir Arthur William. Asks to use the College Hall for lunch for the Royal Academy Club annual excursion, June 1899
Item 19: Dalzell, Robert Harris Carnwath, 11th Earl of Carnwath. 7 Jan. 1899. Remittance for fees, deducting a fine incurred by his son which should be paid for by the culprit
Item 40: Devonshire, Duke of. Undated. Contribution to the Trinity College, Cambridge Mission Appeal.
Items 61-62: Jebb, Sir Richard Claverhouse. 1896, 1898. Encloses payment for his subscription to the Trinity College Mission and the Cambridge House
Item 84: Parry, Sir Charles Hubert Hastings, 1st Baronet. 1898. Encloses payment for dues
Items 100-101: Sidgwick, Eleanor Mildred. 25 Mar. and 1 May 1899, encloses lists of students and other women from Newnham who would like to attend the Rayleigh lecture
Item 108: Stanton, Vincent Henry. 3 Sept. n.y. Concerning the opening times of the Trinity College Library
Item 123: Webster, Richard Everard, 1st Viscount Alverstone. 19 July 1897. Encloses cheque for subscription.
Item 126: Whitehead, Alfred North. 21 Oct. n.y. To Capstick, asks for questions for the General Question paper

One letter appears to be personal, not Trinity College business: item 90, sent to John William Capstick by Georg Hermann Quincke 15 July 1896, who writes about electric currents, citing articles, and describing his overcrowded laboratory (in German).

Correspondence of Ramanujan and miscellaneous correspondence relating to his life and works

Correspondents include Ramanujan himself, J E Littlewood, G N Watson, G H Hardy, A S Ramalingam, F Dewsbury, J J Hensman, S Lakshmi Narasimhan, K Ramunni Menon, K Ananda Rao, P V Seshu Ayyar and H Heilbronn.

Also includes minutes of the congratulatory meeting held in honour of Ramanujan and K Ananda Rao.

Papers of D. S. Robertson

Notes, drafts of articles, letters, and printed material primarily relating to the Carbery copy of Milton's Eikonoklastes, now in Trinity College Library.

Robertson, Donald Struan (1885-1961), classical scholar

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