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Archival description
MONT II · Fonds · 1889-1968

This collection, the second accession of Montagu papers received at Trinity, comprises papers of Edwin Montagu himself, with various related additions. It includes correspondence between Montagu and his wife Venetia, both before and after their marriage; telegraphic correspondence between Montagu, as Secretary of State for India, and the Viceroys Lord Chelmsford and Lord Reading; parts of Montagu’s second Indian Diary; letters from Montagu to his mother and father, Lord and Lady Swaythling; and a few letters to Montagu from various correspondents, including H. H. Asquith, Winston Churchill, and members of the Stanley family. The items added after Montagu’s death include press-cuttings of obituaries, and correspondence about the sorting of the papers in the 1950s.

Montagu, Edwin Samuel (1879-1924), politician
MONT · Fonds · 1886-1922

The collection consists mainly of letters and papers received by Montagu in the course of his political career, along with typescript copies of his replies. There are substantial series of correspondence with Curzon, Churchill, Asquith, Lloyd George, Chelmsford, Hardinge, Indian notables and India Office officials. The papers principally reflect Montagu's great interest in India, but there is also material on wartime reconstruction, Ireland, Egypt, and Turkey, as well as interesting personal accounts of the fall of the Asquith government in December 1916 and the Paris Peace Conference.

There are also more than five hundred original letters from Montagu to his mother, Lady Swaythling, from 1885 to 1918.

Montagu, Edwin Samuel (1879-1924), politician
Add. MS a/700 · Item · 1910-1922
Part of Additional Manuscripts a

Printed items from Montagu's campaign in the January 1910 General Election: a duplicated letter dated 17 Jan. 1910 from Edwin S. Montagu to voters, enclosing a card showing where and how to vote; two copies of a printed campaign leaflet featuring a reproduced letter from Lloyd George to Montagu on one side, the other side headed, "Another Tory Lie Answered" and referring to details of the Undeveloped Land Tax; a broadsheet with two columns headed "My Opponent's Case" and "My Answer".
These items from the 1910 election are accompanied by an undated New Year's card with a photograph signed by Montagu, and a photographic postcard showing silver plate given to E. S. Montagu, M.P. for Cambridgeshire 1906-22, with the gratitude of his friends and supporters.

Montagu, Edwin Samuel (1879-1924), politician