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Letter from J. T. Sheppard to R. C. Trevelyan

King's College, Cambridge. - Sorry to 'bombard' Bob: has seen Mr Bowes of Bowes & Bowes, the firm which usually publishes their acting editions, who says he cannot advise about printing until he knows whether Bob is going to do the whole translation. Asks if Bob can say as soon as possible: will hold off if he cannot decide yet, but it would be a 'great convenience' to be able to start printing; wants to know whether he can use Bob's "Agamemnon", cut as he has suggested [see 20/9], though modifications are possible as long as the length is not altered much and the 'musical scheme remains the same', and whether Bob will translate the parts of the "Choephoroe" and "Eumenides" needed. Also asks whether he has Bob's consent to negotiate with Bowes, or some other publisher; will submit any agreement to him for approval. Hopes that the effect of this abridged text on Bob's complete "Agamemnon" would be good; thinks that, with [Armstrong] Gibb's music, the 'abbreviated "Oresteia" has a good chance of being produced in both Greek and English, and hopes to do so himself one day at Cambridge. Would be a 'great help' to have Bob's estimate of when he could have the "Choephoroe" and "Eumenides" ready; would like to have the whole thing published in the autumn, if it can be done. It would be in a paper cover, with stage directions at a bare minimum and just a page at the beginning for Bob's 'editorial note' as it is necessary to keep costs down. Willing to meet Bob on 'every point of detail' to get his translation. Adds a note to say that Bowes thinks it possible that Macmillans might involve themselves in publication.

Letter from J. T. Sheppard to R. C. Trevelyan

As from Worcester College, Oxford; on headed notepaper for The Manor House, Garsington, Oxford. - Has considered Bob's suggestions [regarding the text of Aeschylus's "Oresteia", which Bob has translated and Sheppard is planning a production of]: explains which lines he is prepared to keep and which he will continue to cut; it is a 'great concession to keep so much'. His new thoughts on the "Eumenides" chorus, since [Armstrong] Gibbs says he can do better musically with the 'shortened chorus'. Likes Bob's version of "Cho[ephoroe]" 180. Bowes and Bowes will publish from the Greek Play Committee, with printing at the University Press; it will cost five shillings and 1350 copies need to be sold to recoup expenses; this does not seem likely, but it should 'interest a lot of people'. Proofs should come soon; is going to Brittany at the end of the week, but supposes he will receive them safely there; suggests having proofs sent to both Bob and Sheppard, and for Bob to send on his copy with 'remarks and corrections', with Sheppard responsible for the Greek text. Gibb's music only needs 'exact correspondence' for some choral passages; some differences between the published and acting may be necessary here, but this can be arranged in consultation in October. They must aim to publish in November, with advanced proof copies in October.

Letter from J. T. Sheppard to R. C. Trevelyan

Grand Hotel du Kélenn, Carantec (Finistère). - Will be at this address until 25 September. Has asked Bowes to send proofs [of Bob's Aeschylus translation] to Bob and to himself; asks which of them should receive the other's corrected proof and send both back to Bowes. Bob should send the manuscript of his "Choephoroe" translation to Bowes when it is finished, who will hand it to the [Cambridge University] Press; also the "Eumenides" in due course. Feels 'a long way off' but needed to do some work and rest. [Armstrong] Gibbs played some of his music to him recently; thinks it is 'very good', though fears Gibbs's treatment of the Greek metres sometimes differs from Bob's. Thinks they should go ahead with the printing of the 'acting edition', and meet up with Gibbs in October to discuss how the text and music can work together. Asks in a postscript whether Bob has seen Gilbert Murray's "Agamemnon"; thinks it 'very Murrayesque', and that he has some 'very good ideas' about the play but his translation is 'not a patch' on Bob's.

Letter from [G. Brimley Bowes of] Bowes & Bowes to R. C. Trevelyan

Bowes & Bowes, 1 Trinity Street, Cambridge, England. - With further reference to Trevelyan's letter of 14 September and their reply of the 16th, have just heard from Mr [J. T.] Sheppard who asks them not to send [Trevelyan's translation of Aeschylus's] "Choephoroe to the printer until he has seen Trevelyan about 'certain points in the "Agamemnon"', and that he expects to do this on 24 September. As Sheppard instructs, they return the first half of the M.S.. Trevelyan will 'doubtless' settle with Sheppard about the extra lines he wishes to insert. Sheppard is using the Oxford Classical Text, which will be printed side by side with Trevelyan's translation; an example is included as demonstration [no longer present]. Thanks Trevelyan for returning the proofs of the "Agamemnon" to Sheppard; they expect to hear from Sheppard, and receive the translation of the whole "Choephoroe" from Trevelyan, in about a week. A postscript notes that they have just received Trevelyan's letter of 16 September, with the rest of the "Choephoroe"; they will keep this for the weekend as the 'present writer' wishes to read it, as he has read the first part and the "Agamemnon" with 'great pleasure'; will send both parts back early next week.

Note from J. T. Sheppard to R. C. Trevelyan

Splendid; will go ahead [with negotiating with Bowes for the publication of Bob's version of Aeschylus' "Oresteia"]. Responds to some of Bob's reaction to his proposed cuts; wants him to criticise where he thinks the 'effect would be impaired', though it is important not to increase the length. Would be 'convenient' if Bob could return the [Karl Wilhelm] Dindorf [text of Aeschylus] if he has 'got the cuts clear'; wants a 'fair clear text to doctor for the Printer', but can do without if necessary.

Letter from G. Brimley Bowes to R. C. Trevelyan

Bowes & Bowes, 1 Trinity Street, Cambridge, England. - Thanks Trevelyan for his letters of 24 and 25 September, and the MS of [his translation of Aeschylus'] "Choephori"; will send this to the printers at once with instructions about the 'extra lines'. As Trevelyan suggests, will be best if Trevelyan sends an 'instalment of the "Eumenides' first and the rest when it is ready; understands that it must be 'rather hard writing it against time'. Has heard today from Mr [J. T.] Sheppard, returning the proofs of the "Agamemnon". Hopes to see Trevelyan when he is next in Cambridge. Glad to learn [Desmond?] Pye Smith is a friend of Trevelyan's; he begins work here today.

Programme for the Cambridge Greek Play production of "Antigone"

Contains: verse epigraph, "You who can hear the victims crying...", by 'J. R. B' [J. R. M. Butler?]; the story of the play, by J. T. S[heppard]; photograph of 'The Provost of King's' [Sheppard]; photograph of P. A. S. Hadley; brief essay, "The Antigone of Sophocles"; dramatis personae; note on "The Performance at Athens in 1937", by G. M. Young; list of orchestra members; photograph of Geoffrey Wright; photograph of Camille Prior; production team; Greek Play Committee; list of Greek Plays performed at Cambridge still in print; material relating to Cambridge Arts Theatre,

Letter from G. Brimley Bowes to R. C. Trevelyan

Bowes & Bowes, 1 Trinity Street, Cambridge, England. - In reply to Trevelyan's letter of 2 December: has managed to get two copies of the "Oresteia" from the printer (without covers); encloses them and hopes they will serve. The last part of the book has gone to press today; hopes to publish it the week after next if the binders work to time. Trevelyan must not 'reproach' himself for the delay to the last part of his translation, as 'it must be very hard to do such writing against time', and the [Cambridge University] Press being 'overburdened with work' was more of a hindrance. Has not been possible to publish before the end of Full Term, but will be able to get the 'specimen copies for which certain classical masters have asked' to them before school term ends. Is sending 'a preliminary "puff" to the literary papers today'.

Letter from G. Brimley Bowes to R. C. Trevelyan

Bowes & Bowes, 1 Trinity Street, Cambridge, England. - In reply to Trevelyan's card: meant to send a copy of the "Oresteia" to the "New Statesman", but missed it out of the list which he sent to [J. T.] Sheppard. Has sent a copy today. Did send one to the "Times": the book appeared in the "Books of the Week" list of the "Literary Supplement" a few numbers ago; encloses list showing where review copies have been sent, and invites Trevelyan to make other suggestions. The Greek Play Committee wish Trevelyan to have at least six copies of the play gratis; Bowes does not know whether the copies Trevelyan has already received and had sent out are sufficient, but is happy to send out six more free.