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Additional Manuscripts b Sidgwick, Arthur (1840–1920), educationist and classical scholar
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Letter from Arthur C. Benson to his aunt Nora Sidgwick

States that since he will probably be away all Wednesday, he had better not promise to come [to see her]. Expresses the desire to see his uncle Arthur [Sidgwick] and Mr [Henry Graham] Dakyns. Referring to Henry Sidgwick's gestures, states that some were connected with his stammer, but that there were others, which added emphasis and conclusiveness. Describes one particular gesture, which involved 'a swing of the hand with the forefinger extended and the other fingers closed....'

Benson, Arthur Christopher (1862–1925) poet and college head

Letter from Arthur C. Benson to his aunt Nora Sidgwick

Thanks her for sending back the letters from Henry Sidgwick. Undertakes to see if he can find any more from him, but doesn't think there are many, if any. Hopes that his uncle Arthur Sidgwick will cut back on some of his other work, of which he believes he does 'far too much', in order to devote himself to the writing of the memoir. Declares that '[t]he great desideration is that the writer should want to [write] more than anything else in the world - and everything is quickly and well done when that is behind.' Advises Nora to ask Maggie if she can find any letters, and states that there are a good many papers at [ ]. Undertakes to look there when he goes back there in August.

Benson, Arthur Christopher (1862–1925) poet and college head

Letter from Basil Champneys to Nora Sidgwick

Sends her a copy of a letter to him from Henry Sidgwick [not included], which he suggests might be of some use to her. Remarks that the latter part of it is an example of 'the accuracy and tact of [Henry's] judgment in matters of general culture'. Expresses his pleasure at the news that Nora and Arthur Sidgwick are to write a memoir of Henry. Refers to a paper by Frank Cornish in the Pilot of 22 December, which he describes as 'admirable', and offers to send it to her if she has not yet come across it. Adds that he has put, 'by way of a note, the passages in [Robert Bridges'] "[Pros]ody of [Milton]" referred to in [Henry's] letter at the end....' Expresses the hope that 'the change and holiday' will do Nora great good, and reassures her of their sincere and deep sympathy. Offers to send her the original letter if she wishes to have it.

Champneys, Basil (1842-1935) architect and author

Letter from E.E. Bowen to Arthur Sidgwick

Typewritten copy of letter. Refers to a piece he has written on Henry Sidgwick [see ADD.MS/b/71/3/3-5], which refers to the latter's undergraduate years at Cambridge. Gives his permission to use the piece in any way he wishes. Wishes that he could find some letters, but states that he could only find one letter in blank verse, which he sent to Nora Sidgwick. In relation to the writing of the memoir advises Arthur Sidgwick to 'sacrifice everything to shortness....' Accompanied by sheet, with explanatory note in ink: 'Copy of E. E. Bowen[']s notes about Henry'.

Bowen, Edward Ernest (1836-1901) schoolmaster

Letter from G.O. Trevelyan to Nora Sidgwick

Acknowledges receipt of the proofs of Henry Sidgwick: a Memoir. Claims that he began reading it at four o'clock that morning and read to the end of 1884. Declares that the account of Henry's work at Cambridge raised him greatly in his [Trevelyan's] esteem and admiration, and remarks on how little Henry said about his labours and self-sacrifices. Refers favourably to the 'Journal letters' also. Hopes that she will insert Henry's letter to Trevelyan of 29 May 1905 [sic], which, he claims, is 'one of the most touching and beautiful things in the world.' Gives her permission to show it to Arthur Sidgwick. Sends his wife's best love, and looks forward to Nora's visit.

Trevelyan, Sir George Otto (1838-1928) 2nd Baronet, statesman and historian

Letter from H. Graham Dakyns to Nora Sidgwick

Thanks her for her letter. States that he has read the proofs of Henry Sidgwick: A Memoir, which she sent to him, and has made marginal notes throughout. Declares that he likes the way Arthur Sidgwick has done the early chapter[s], and that he does not believe that 'anything in the [ ] of literature of this order' has moved him so much. Refers also to 'the faithful record of a man's last days on earth....' Declares that the book is one of the best biographies ever written. Adds, however, that he misses in the book the presentation of his marriage as a source of his contentedness and 'beatitude'. Predicts that Henry 'will continue to draw his future men into him not only by his published writings of all sorts - but now by his example....' Adds that he has a card for Arthur 'fixing Monday 18th [ ] at Cambridge. Not at Oxford [as he hoped]'. States that he will be there.

Dakyns, Henry Graham (1838-1911) schoolmaster

Letter from Mary L[ouisa] Cannan to Nora Sidgwick

Expresses her happiness at having received a letter from Nora, and also at the news that the book is in progress. Tells Nora to do what she and Arthur please about Henry Sidgwick's letters to her [Cannan], and expresses regret that she destroyed the early ones, which were 'so full of playful, delicate humour....' Announces that the previous day was her eighty-sixth birthday, and refers to the various presents and good wishes she received. Reports that her nephew Edwin Cannan is with her and 'is a great comfort' to her in many ways. States that she is in good health still, but that 'strength is failing fast, as it is entitled to be.' Reports that they have had a glorious summer [in Westmoreland] and that the country 'has kept its verdure and coolness.' Declares that it was a pleasure to see Thomas and Miss Sharpley 'and to pick up the dropped stitches.'

Cannan, Mary Louisa (1819-1911) schoolteacher

Notes relating to the life of Henry Sidgwick

Notebooks: 'List of articles & reviews by Dr Sidgwick with remarks by E[leanor] M[ildred] Sidgwick', including several loose sheets and gatherings [item 1]; recording references to Sidgwick in the [Cambridge University] Reporter, 1870-1979 [item 2], Oct 1876-June 1886 [item 3], Nov 1886-1894 [item 4], 1895-1896, [item 5, labelled 1894-1896], 1897-1900 [item 6]; recording references to and contributions by Sidgwick in the Cambridge University Gazette, 1868-1869 [item 7]; 'University & College Reforms', also including two printed sheets (notes by Sidgwick re Council,12 Jun 1870, and re compulsory Greek [May 1872]) and one MS sheet of notes re the Syndicates [item 8]; 'List of Dr Sidgwick's Lectures from University Reporter, 1870-1900' [item 9]. Printed prospectus of Cambridge lectures in moral science, 1887-1888 [item 10].