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GASK/B · Reeks · 1970s
Part of Papers of J. P. W. Gaskell

Material for Gaskell's book published in Oxford by the Clarendon Press, 1978, organised by Gaskell into folders mirroring the chapters in the book: introduction and theory, Harington, Milton, Richardson, Swift, Scott, Tennyson, Dickens, Thackeray, Hawthorne, Hardy, Joyce, Stoppard, and photographs.

GASK/C · Reeks · 1959-1990
Part of Papers of J. P. W. Gaskell

Correspondence and papers relating to John Baskerville: a Bibliography, papers relating to his article 'Lay of the Case' in Studies in Bibliography, Papers of the Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia vol. 22, 1969; papers relating to a checklist of early stereotype books; papers relating to frisket fragments for red printing; a photograph album for 'A Census of Wooden Presses'; a typescript and offprint of 'The Principles and Problems of Cataloguing Early Books in Research Libraries' with a French translation and offprint from the Association de l'Ecole Nationale Superieure de Bibliothecaires, 1976; photomechanical copies of early printers proofs; and a bound typescript of 'Secret Lives', dated 1990.

Personal Library
GASK/E · Reeks · 1986, 1997
Part of Papers of J. P. W. Gaskell

Catalogue of Gaskell's personal library sold to Keio University, Tokyo dated 1986 with photographs of the Gaskell Collection in Keio University dated 1997 and a list of books by William Mason given to King's College Library in 1957.

ONSL/1/2 · Stuk · 16 Dec 1907
Part of Papers of Huia Onslow

Lists demonstrations at various tables in the 'Large Laboratory', in the 'Small Laboratory', 'Mr Marten's Room', 'Mr Hill's Room', and times of talks in the 'Lecture Room'. 'Hon. V. A. H. Onslow' is recorded as showing 'Tesla's High Frequency Apparatus, etc' in Mr Marten's room, and as talking in the Lecture Room about 'The Photochromascope'.

ONSL/1/1 · Stuk · 16-17 Jun 1903
Part of Papers of Huia Onslow

Manuscript account of the tour, in diary form, perhaps by Helen Moodie; Huia Onslow is referred to as 'H'. The yacht is boarded at Potter Heigham, and Horning Ferry is reached by night on the first day. On the next day they sail via Heigham Bridge (where the sails must be lowered) to Horsey Mere, then on to Hickling Broad; the second night is also spent on board before the yacht is left. The writer, 'H', and 'the man' appear to be the only crew.

A humorous tone is taken throughout, with references to Huia's snores and a disastrous spilling of sausages.

ONSL/2/14 · Bestanddeel · Apr 1918-Apr 1922
Part of Papers of Huia Onslow

4 MS sheets each headed 'The Hon. Huia Onslow. St. Andrew St. property. Rents received'. Apr 1918-Feb 1919.
2 typed sheets on headed notepaper for Wheat & Luker, surveyors and valuers, 19 Basinghall Street London E.C. Dated September 1919 for 1 Jan-19 Sept 1919.
1 typed single sheet and 2 typed folded sheets of account paper, folded sheets headed Messenger & Morgan, accounts for Oct 19-Jul 1920
2 MS folded sheets of account paper: Messenger & Morgan accounts Sept-Oct 1920; Oct 1920-Jun 1921
1 MS folded sheet of account paper: Messenger & Morgan account, Apr 1921, with printed receipt for rector's stipend in lieu of tithes, 4 Jan 1921, attached.
2 typed folded sheets of account paper: Messenger & Morgan account, Jul 1921; Aug-Oct 1921.
1 MS folded sheet of account paper: Messenger & Morgan account, Jan 1922
1 typed folded sheet of account paper: Messenger & Morgan account, Apr 1922

Buckley (9 St Andrew's St), Lawrie & Co (11 St Andrew's St & Shoe Lane), Grimswades (13 St Andrews's St)

ONSL/3/9/15 · Stuk · [May 1913]
Part of Papers of Huia Onslow

V. du Rond Point, Biarritz, Basse Pyrenees, France. - Does not think Mr Onslow will mind her writing direct to Miss Moodie about the prolongation of his stay in Banchory. Discussion of Riverston. Thinks her sister would be 'very pleased' if Lady Onslow thought it would suit her son.

ONSL/3/15/1 · Stuk · 6 Jul 1914
Part of Papers of Huia Onslow

Windsmill, Enfield, Middlesex: - Is late in acknowledging Onslow's letter of 30 Jun due to absence from home; 'much obliged' for the particulars Onslow has given of his work, and as Fletcher is 'specially interested in any researches bearing on the cancer problem' will be 'very glad' if he can assist in furthering Onslow's work. Asks if he may write to Professor Hopkins for further information, and for information about the apparatus Onslow requires and its likely cost.

ONSL/3/15/5 · Stuk · 30 Jul 1914
Part of Papers of Huia Onslow

Thanks Onslow for explaining the limitations on direct research into cancer. Would like to discuss the matter with Sampson Handley, whom he knows well and is a leading authority on cancer. If Onslow is in London during August, asks if he may have 'the pleasure of calling' on him.

ONSL/3/15/6 · Stuk · [11 Jun 1915]
Part of Papers of Huia Onslow

Has not written since the war broke out as it felt 'impossible to ask for help during this time'. For last nine months has been in London, doing 'what little clerical war work was in my power' but 'owing to the kindness of a relation' has now returned to Cambridge. Has been asked by Professor Hopkins and Mr Cole to look into some questions 'directly concerning the conduct of the campaign', especially into a 'rapid means of diagnosing typhoid and para-typhoid'. Has the same trouble as before in obtaining apparatus, which is now more expensive; now has a room assured and for a hundred pounds could convert it into a 'very practicable laboratory'.

Notebook: 'Chemistry Book'
ONSL/4/8 · Stuk · [n.d. 1910s?]
Part of Papers of Huia Onslow

Typed index pasted in at back of book lists topics, with page numbers:
'Examination of Aldehyde Samples; The Making of Active Aldehyde; [Henry Charlton] Bastian's experiments, Aug 1913-Feb 1914; Miss [Florence] Durham's Experiments;

Chromogen of White Hairs; Inorganic Constituents of the Ash of Hair; The Oxydase reactions of White Hairs (Keeble and Armstrong); Granule Content of Black and Blue Hairs; Microscopical Examination of Pigment grantues; Action of re-agents on Keratin; Products of Keratin Hydrolysis; the same, Cholesterine-free hair; Nitro-benzene Oxidation products of Keratin. A Digestible Product of Keratin;

Preparation of Melanins [dates from 26 May 1913-11 May 1914; Spiegler and Gortner cited];

Urochrome and Urobilin [Spectra]; Preparation of Urobilin in Urochrome; Urochrome and Urobilin (Summary); Lepidopteric Acid; Uric Acid of Lepidoptera; Solubility of Lepidopteric Pigment;

Acid Haematoporphyrin (SpectraP); Tyrosinase of Haemolymph; Calibration of Objectives; Excretion of Arsenic by the Skin.'

Conversion Table by Baird & Tatlock (London) Ltd. also pasted in at end.

Enclosures found between pp. 48 and 49: 3 ff. of MS notes on observations of cultures in colloidal silicon solutions, Aug 1913-Aug 1915 (dates of initial sterilisation); tables of experimental proceedings, with notes on back; 1f. typed extract from Mary, 'Experimental Work of Dr Bastian on the Origin of Life', Knowledge, Jan-Sept 1917 p. 7; 2ff. typescript, 'The nature of growths in colloidal silica solutions', Onslow; 2ff. typescript with MS. annotations, further observations of solutions; 3ff. of MS observations; 7 ff. typescript with MS annotations, dated 8-10 Apr 1914, notes on solutions of urochrome, urobilin extracts, urochrome and active aldehyde etc; 2 ff with MS graphs, one headed 'Tryptic Digestion'.