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Crewe MS/10/f. 3r · Part · [18th c.]
Part of Crewe Manuscripts

First line: ‘Fine Women are delicate things’.



A Dialogue between two Brothers

Fine Women are delicate things
The Comfort and Joy of Man’s Life
Companions for Nobles and Kings,
Then who would but have a good Wife

Brother Billy O what do you mean?
Are not Women the Authors of Strife,
Many desperate Snares have I seen.
Then who would be plagu’d with a Wife?

When a Man’s incumber’d with Care
She’ll help for to Nourish his Life:
And part of the Burthen she’ll bear.
Then who would but have a good Wife

But they’ll plunder my silver and Gold
And ramble abroad to the life
Besides they are give to Scold,
Then who would be plagued with a Wife

Oh! why do you covet your wealth
It will bring you to sorrow and Strife
When you came of a Woman yourself
Then why should you hate a good Wife

I hate not a Woman he cryed
But O the sad Name of a Wife
I cannot endured† to be tyed
To Sorrow all Days of my life

Besides they have flattering tongues
They’ll Cousin a Man out of his Life
Ah! and Cuckold us when we are young
The[n] who would be plagued with a Wife