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Papers of Lord Layton

  • LAYT
  • Arquivo
  • 1902-66

The papers consist of correspondence, writings, printed material, documents, photographs and other materials covering all aspects of Layton's career and interests. Amongst them are papers about the setting up of the Ministry of Munitions in World War I, and the Ministry of Production in World War II; reparations negotiations; the development of 'The Economist' and the 'News Chronicle'; the first conference of the League of Nations after World War I; the beginnings of the Council of Europe; the Simon Commission; and the Liberal Industrial Enquiry.

Layton, Walter Thomas (1884-1966), 1st Baron Layton, economist and newspaper proprietor

Letter from E. G. Gallop to [E. H.] Neville

Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge - Is sending two packets of Herman's notes on Differential Geometry, "18 lbs of them nearly"; is not sending a larger packet of other notes on Solids, as he does not think there is anything in them of interest; notes that among Herman's notes were the proofs of Forsyth's book on DIfferential Geometry. Is going away to Buckinghamshire and says that Neville's notes on spherical harmonics may be sent to him to await his return in Cambridge.

Papers of R. A. Herman

  • HERM
  • Arquivo
  • [c 1884]-1928

The papers primarily consist of mathematical notes on differential geometry, and are accompanied by a small group of printed pamphlets and correspondence.

Herman, Robert Alfred (1861-1927), mathematician

Mathematical notes

Mathematical notes on differential geometry, with a small collection of nearly 100 tripos and examination questions dated c. 1884-1924 [A59-60] and 8 more dated 1889-1897 [A185].

Papers of Sir Anthony Epstein

  • EPST
  • Arquivo
  • 1937-2015

These papers consist of material from throughout Sir Anthony's scientific career. They include personal materials, professional diaries, laboratory research notebooks and electron micrograph images, working papers and professional correspondence, documents and illustrations related to publications and presentations, and paper reprints.

Series A: Personal Material contains personal materials belonging to Sir Anthony. These items include personal photographs, gifts and mementos, newspaper cuttings, taped lectures and interviews, professional and academic certificates, and other items commemorating the honours Sir Anthony received throughout this career.

Series B: Professional Diaries, Address Book, and Shorthand Notebooks contains Sir Anthony's professional appointment diaries at the Bland-Sutton Institute at the Middlesex Hospital, the Department of Pathology at the University of Bristol, the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine at the University of Oxford, and Wolfson College, Oxford. Sub-series B/5 is a collection of shorthand notebooks from 1981–1987.

Series C: Laboratory Research Notebooks and Photographic Material contains Sir Anthony and his collaborators' laboratory notebooks, along with images of experiments. The notebooks detail a number of techniques for growing malignant cells, isolating the Epstein-Barr virus, and imaging experimental samples. Sub-series C/2 contains three notebooks belonging to Dr Bert G. Achong. Achong co-discovered the Epstein-Barr virus alongside Sir Anthony and Dr Yvonne Balding (née Barr) using electron microscopy imaging techniques. Sub-series C/7 contains photographs and negatives of experiments.

Series D: Working Papers and Correspondence contains papers, correspondence, and notes from Sir Anthony's lectures, meetings, conferences, and travels, as well as a range of files relating to Sir Anthony's professional life. It provides a broad as well as in-depth picture of Sir Anthony's working life. Main aspects dealt with include: historical significance of the Epstein-Barr virus, advisory and consultation work, the wide spectrum of research work, general correspondence, personal matters, publications and broadcasting, and professional and academic societies and organizations. More detailed summaries about the papers are available in each sub-series description. Types of papers include correspondence, reports, and discussion, working, and meeting papers.

Series E: Publications and Papers Presented contains materials related to publications and presentations developed from Sir Anthony's research. These include theses and publications by Sir Anthony and researchers in his laboratories, review papers, book contributions, and illustrations for publications and presentations.

Series F: Reprints and Journal References contains a range of material related to reprints of Sir Anthony's journal publications. In the sciences, reprints (or offprints) are often kept by authors for distribution to collaborators and peers. Sir Anthony kept a numbered file of reprints, in order of publication. These collected reprints are contained in this series, as well as reprint request slips, and a list of reprint recipients. Sub-series F/5 is an index of papers references by Sir Anthony in his publications.

Epstein, Sir Michael Anthony (b. 1921), knight, pathologist

Draft letter from R. F. [Praeses?] by order of the Board

Written on a sheet of paper with Mr Gardner [Junr?]'s address in Chatteris, Isle of Ely on the verso and overwritten, possibly reused from an earlier letter. A draft of a request to an unidentified editor as a President of an unnamed club, that an account of the price of stocks be inserted in his Chronicle every week, referring to characters in The Tatler.

Family papers of Jane Dunn Gardner

A group of papers which appear to be centred around the Dunn Gardner family of Chatteris, near Ely, with letters from extended Johnston and Hake family members, and writings related to them, with two notebooks and loose notes and schoolwork by Marriott Gardner, who died while a student at Trinity College in 1781.

Gardner, Jane Dunn (1757-1839), sister of Marriott Gardner

Letter from [Barbara?] Marriott to Mrs Hake

Written from Chatteris, possibly by the grandmother of Sarah Dunn Gardner to her sister Mrs Hake in Peterborough about the plans for a visit, and the death of Mr Snell, rumoured to be by suicide. The verso was used for household accounts from 18 December to 13 January, no year given.

Marriott, Barbara (fl 1732-1752), née Johnston, grandmother of Jane Dunn Gardner

Notes on netting and knitting

Instructions on various types of nets and knitting, with one note carrying instructions for an order from London for Miss S. Hake. Accompanied by a sample of netting and a pin.

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