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Butler, Henry Montagu (1833-1918), college head
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Letters relating to the portrait of Lord Byron

Two letters from A. C. Benson to the Master of Trinity H. M. Butler in 1907 describing his acquisition of the portrait which had been very dirty, with the appearance of having been used as a target by children and offering it to Trinity, with another letter from S. Taylor to Canon Parry in 1925 concerning the portrait's similarities to Stephen Poyntz Denning's work.

Letters relating to the portrait of C. A. Smythies

Letter from V. H. Stanton to Trinity Master H. M. Butler forwarding a letter from E. F. Russell offering the painting to Trinity from the Office of the Universities' Mission to Central Africa, with further correspondence from Russell as well as the Secretary of the Universities' Mission to Central Africa Duncan Travers. Six letters total, with a slip of paper identifying Smythies, and an envelope addressed to Butler.

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