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PETH/3/276 · Pièce · 14 Oct. 1947
Fait partie de Pethick-Lawrence Papers

Webb Trustees, 11 Dartmouth Street, London, S.W.1.—Encloses a personal appeal for support for a memorial to Beatrice Webb (probably 3/277).

(At the foot is a note by Lord Pethick-Lawrence, and answers to it by Esther Knowles, dated 22 and 23 October.)

PETH/3/324 · Pièce · c. 22 July 1943
Fait partie de Pethick-Lawrence Papers

(Question:) Asks for a statement of the exchange rate fixed for the occupied territory of Italy.

(Reply:) States the rate of exchange for the lira in the parts of Italy occupied by Allied forces, and refers to the difficulties in assessing the relevant factors at their proper value.

(The note is a carbon copy of a typed original.)