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FRAZ/32/187 · Item · 3 July 1939
Part of Papers of Sir James Frazer

54 Cours Napoléon, Ajaccio, Corse – Enjoyed the pages of the 'Times' and the coverage of the royal trip to Canada; saves such things for Martine [Giamarchi, a great niece] in 20 years; his old friend Albert Rivaud, whose father he knew, is elected to Lévy-Bruhl's chair at l'Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques, and in congratulating him mentioned that he knew her, and thanked him for being one of the first to admire 'Le Rameau d'or'; he was visited by two young English women, Miss Joan Quartley and Miss Gwenyth Wilkins, who saw the Frazers' portraits and were proud of the honoured position their countrymen had in his house.

FRAZ/32/145 · Item · 19 Aug. 1937
Part of Papers of Sir James Frazer

54 Cours Napoléon, Ajaccio (Corse) - Doesn't know why she is complaining of heat when the papers show London flooded, while in Corsica they are pining for water for their gardens and vines; writes of Martine [Giamarchi, a great niece] who is staying with him; reacts to the change from Baba to Pascha [for 'Pasha the Pom'].

FRAZ/32/136 · Item · 29 Mar. 1937
Part of Papers of Sir James Frazer

54 Cours Napoléon, Ajaccio (Corse), Easter Monday - Thanks her for the photographs; reacts to her news that they are thinking of getting a bigger place, and that Sir James can work 5 hours a day; discusses arrangements to visit Paris in May; Martine [Giamarchi, a great niece]loves to read what Lilly sends; his nephew has retired and they will be going to Cannelle earlier; will be attending a wedding of the daughter of old friends and relatives.

FRAZ/18/101 · Item · 2 Aug. 1927
Part of Papers of Sir James Frazer

Bateman's, Burwash, Sussex - Her letters haven't reached him, hasn't stayed at the Meurice Hotel for years; the booklet is an improvement on the yellow 'volumette'; wishes they could be at home to receive them and François Ceccaldi later in the month.

Letters from William Wyon
Add. MS c/91/109-112 · Item · 1849-1850
Part of Additional Manuscripts c

Letters relating to the Wrangham medal, making reference to the design (5 Feb. 1849) and production of the medals (21 Jan., 6 Feb. and 8 Oct. 1850).

Letter from William Wyon
Add. MS a/214/142 · Item · [19th cent.]
Part of Additional Manuscripts a

Royal Mint - Apologises that he cannot take up Whewell's introduction to the Geological Society due to headache. The verso of the letter contains geological notes in pencil.

Letter from Henry Hudson
Add. MS a/206/140 · Item · [19th cent.]
Part of Additional Manuscripts a

24 Stephen's Green, Dublin - Thanks WW for his letter referring him to William Simms the instrument maker of WW's anemometer [see HH to WW, 1 Oct. 1836]. Further to WW's description of the instrument, what velocity of the wind is necessary to produce any descent of the pencil [the movement of a pencil is used to measure the force and direction of the wind]? HH has a number of related questions. Further, as 'uniformity in the method of keeping the Registry would be desirable I should be glad to learn if any system has been agreed on'.

Letter from Henry Hudson
Add. MS a/206/139 · Item · 1 Oct. 1836
Part of Additional Manuscripts a

24 Stephen's Green, Dublin - A suggestion on how to improve WW's anemometer and obtain additional meteorological information, including a way of determining the hours the wind was blowing strongly or slightly: 'The mechanism I believe would be very simple'.

Crewe MS/8/f. 37v · Part · c. 1851
Part of Crewe Manuscripts

A model of this balloon was exhibited by Luntley at the Great Exhibition of 1851 (see the Official Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue, ii. 435: Class 10, No. 237). This print has no caption, but the copy in the Library of Congress is captioned ‘ROTARY BALLOON. Model exhibited in Class X, No. 137 [sic]. By J. Luntley.’

Crewe MS/8/f. 23r · Part · 17 Feb. 1839
Part of Crewe Manuscripts


Highgate, Feb. 17th. 1839.

Proposal for establishing an Aëronautic Fraternity.

The object of the undersigned is by the Association, to collect all books, Manuscripts, prints, drawings, Medals and other matters, which have ever been published on the science of Aërostation; and by interchange and procuration to aid in rendering our volumes of collections, as complete as chance or circumstances may empower us severally and collectively.

[Signed by:]
Chas Green President
F[?] Green
William Upcott {1}
Edward Spencer
Jacob Henry Burn
J[?] Green


The word ‘Ballooning’ has been added at the top in pencil.

{1} The scrapbook of aeronautica collected by Upcott is now in the Smithsonian Institution.

Crewe MS/8/f. 8 · Part · 1843
Part of Crewe Manuscripts

The men depicted in the illustration are, from left to right, Walter Prideaux, John Hollins, William Milbourne James, Robert Hollond, Charles Green, and Thomas Monck Mason.

(No caption or date. Title and date supplied from British Museum No. 1858,0613.402. )

Add. MS a/698 · File · 1895-1897
Part of Additional Manuscripts a

Three photographs of the Cambridge University Drag club portraying groups on horseback with hounds. An Oct. 1895 photograph depicts the Master F. M. Freake, J. Brocklebank, C. E. Pease, A. D. H. [A. J. H. ?] Saw, Whips J. O. Murphy and H. B. Black, Hon. O. Bridgeman, J. V. Hermon, and L. Williams. There are two photographs from 1897: one of the Master and Whips, all from Trinity: Master the Earl of Ronaldshay [Lawrence Dundas] and Whips J. A. Crocker and H. S. McCorquodale, and another photograph of a large group, not identified individually.

There are two photographs of the Cambridgeshire Harriers, 1897: one photograph of the Master & Whips on horseback, with dogs: J. R. Aspinall (Trin: Hall), Whip; J. V. Hermon (Trin: Hall), Master, B. Hardy (Trin: Hall), Whip; and one photograph of the members on horseback with dogs, with three men and three women standing, not identified individually.

The other two photographs are of The Angels, Lent 1896, a group photograph of Lawrence Williams with W. H. Oakeley, F. E. C. Pilkington, O. J. Kuhn, Hon. W. James, all of Trinity, and E. H. Johnston, T. Simpson, G. O. G. Bramson, and C.R. Holmes of Trinity Hall. Each man is in a dinner jacket with a sash with an angel on the front. The second photograph is of a student room, probably belonging to Lawrence Williams, who lived at 27 Trinity Street while a student.

The photographs are accompanied by two labels from the versos of the frames of two [unidentified] photographs addressed to L. Williams from Messrs. Stearn, Photographers and Frame Makers, 72, Bridge Street, Cambridge.

All photographs are by Stearn or Stearn Bros., Cambridge.

Williams, Lawrence (1876-1958), Colonel