Thermonuclear research Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
7 Spring-back binder containing 4 pp. ms. calculations entitled 'Small Torus'. File nd
7A Spring-back binder containing ms. notes and calculations entitled 'Large Torus. Notes'. File nd
14 Bundles of later ms. notes and calculations relating to typescript E12 File
15 Spare copy of 'Thermonuclear Reactions'. Carbon of typescript with appendix on 'Accumulation of Waste Products'. File 1966
19 Spring-back binder containing 'Papers relating to work with Hemming on excitation of gas discharge by synchrotron action with travelling wave. 1951' File
23 Photocopy of typescript of E.22, dated November 1951. File Nov 1951
28 3 sets of background notes and a graph. File
31 Papers relating to a conference on `The Physics of Ionized Gases' held at University College, London, 23-25 March 1953. File 1953
38 Duplicated typescript of E.35, with ms. annotations, circulated as A.E.R.E. Harwell report X/M 122 File 17 December 1953
42 'Miscellaneous calculations. Torus' File
45 'Estimate of power required for a pinch' File nd
46 'Note on Highly Ionised Discharge' File nd
48 Ms. and typescript versions of a second draft of E.47 File undated
52 Spiral bound notebook containing calculations re thermonuclear work and a few miscellaneous notes. File
56 Spiral bound notebook with only 3 remaining pages containing mathematical calculations and miscellaneous notes. File
59 Red notebook containing miscellaneous notes and calculations re thermonuclear work, starting from both ends of the book. File
61 Miscellaneous bundles of undated calculations re thermonuclear work. Includes 2 sets on Langevin Mobility. File
62 'Conditions for the Neutral Atom in a Pinched Discharge to be confined to a sheathe'. 12 pp. typescript draft with ms. corrections File nd
65 Programme of a one-day conference on 'The production of controlled thermonuclear energy', Harwell, 4 June 1956, File 1956
77 Correspondence with Ministry of Supply re U.S. patent application File 1947-49
81 Correspondence mainly re U.S. patent applications. File Dec 1952 - May 54
89 Correspondence File 1947–51
90 Spring-back binder labelled 'Aldermaston Contract. Secret letters 1951-52'. File 1951
96 A.E.I./A.E.R.E. Joint Progress Meetings 20 - 21 File 1957
100 A.E.I./A.E.R.E. Joint Progress Meetings 32 - 34 File 1961
102 A.E.I./A.E.R.E. Joint Progress Meetings 38 - 40 File 1963
103 C.T.R. [Controlled Thermonuclear Research] Advisory Committee. Minutes of meetings 1 and 2 File >1957
105 Meeting of the C.T.R. Advisory Committee File 4 November 1959
106 Letters from T E Allibone File 1958–63
107 Correspondence with D R Chick File 1958–60
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